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The Faculty of Biology


The Dean of the Faculty

S.F.Kotov, assistant professor, candidate of biological sciences
Phone:+38 0652 23-02-33


It was established in May 2000 as the result of reorganisation of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The origins of the Faculty, however, reach back to the establishment of Tavricheskiy University, when a section of natural sciences was created as part of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics with a prominent botanist Professor N.I.Kuznetsov as the first Dean of this Faculty. Its development is closely connected with the names of the following world-famous biologists: Academicians V.I.Palladin, A.P.Sushkin, Professors E.V.Wolf, V.V.Lunkevich, Ye.A.Meyer, S.I.Metalnikov, G.F.Morozov, I.I.Puzanov and others. A great contribution to the development of the Faculty was made by scholars and pedagogues V.M.Borovskiy, N.A.Troitskiy, S.L.Delamure, M.S.Shalyt, A.N.Kiselev.
The Faculty is now directed by Assistant Professor S.F.Kotov, Candidate of Biology.

General Information

The faculty consists of 49 persons, including 11 Doctors and 29 Candidates.
Six Departments provide education to more than 450 resident and correspondence students. The Departments have their special laboratories. There is a Candidate Dissertations Review Board specialising in Human and Animal Physiology and Biochemistry. The Faculty has a zoological museum, one of the best in Ukraine, a scientific herbarium, collected by prominent botanists, field practice stations in Krasnolesie and Kuibyshevo. Two of all personal scholarships for the best students of Tavricheskiy National University - established in the memory of Academician Palladin and Professor Morozov-are granted to biology students for successful studies and research.
The Faculty is divided into the following Departments: Botany; Zoology; Biochemistry; Human and Animal Physiology and Biophysics; Ecology and Nature Conservation; Plants Physiology and Biotechnology.
The following scientific societies have their sections operating at the Faculty: Simferopol Section of the Ukrainian Botanical Society; Branch of the Ukrainian Society of Parasitologists; Crimean Section of the Ukrainian Physiological Society; Crimean Section of the Ukrainian Biophysical Society.
The Faculty graduates work in scientific and medical institutions of the Crimea and South Ukraine, they lecture in universities and colleges, teach in high schools and secondary schools. Many alumni of the Faculty work in Russia, other CIS countries and distant foreign countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia, countries of Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America.
Theoretical studies are complemented with field practice in botany and zoology which follows the first and second years of study regardless of the further specialisation of students. After their third year, students have their specialised practice which corresponds to the profile of their respective Department. In the fifth year, students have their pedagogical practice in secondary schools.
The Faculty offers the following specialisations: zoology, botany, human and animal physiology, valeology, ecology, plants physiology and biotechnology, and biochemistry.

Areas of Research

Issues related to ecology and flora/fauna protection; modem neurophysiology and magnetobiology; study of blood and tissue proteins; influence of biologically active substances on growth, development and morphogenesis of plants; development of modem biotechnological techniques through the use of tissue culture characteristics. Much attention is paid to environmental issues. A collection of scientific works is published, titled Ecosystems of the Crimea: Their Protection and Optimisation.
The following scientific schools have been established at the Faculty: zoological (parasite-logical) school-Professors S.L.Delamure, A.S.Skriabin, M.V.Yurakhno; and the school of magnetobiology and neurophysiology - Professors A.M.Stashkov, V.G.Sidiakin, N.A.Temuriants, 1.1. Koreniuk.

Academic and Educational Relations

Participation in international conferences, symposia, expeditions and exhibitions together with universities and research institutions of Ukraine, neighbouring and distant foreign countries (Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, the United States, etc.).

The Department of Zoology
The Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Biophisics
The Department of Botany
The Department of Plants physiology and biotechnology
The Department of Ecology and Nature conservation
The Department of Biochemistry


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