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The Faculty of ChemistryTHE FACULTY OF CHEMISTRY

The Dean of the Faculty

Vasiliy J. Chirva, professor, doctor of chemical sciences
Phone:+38 (0652) 23-38-85


It was organised in 2000 as the result of division of the Faculty of Natural Sciences but it keeps the track of its history from the origins of the University. Today the Faculty is directed by Professor V.J.Chirva.
The Faculty's speciality is chemistry and its specialisations include physical chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, chemistry of natural compounds, and inorganic chemistry.

The Faculty graduates have skills required to teach chemistry in schools, vocational schools and colleges. They are also able to work as engineers at chemical plants and carry out research projects in scientific institutions. Furthermore, they are skilled environmentalists.
The Faculty has three Departments: the Department of General Chemistry, the Department of Organic Chemistry and the Department of Physical Chemistry.

The Department of General Chemistry
The Department of Organic Chemistry
The Department of Physical and Analitical Chemistry

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