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Nikolko Milana Vladimirovna

The Department of Philosophy
Date of Birth - 08/04/76
Sex - female
Citizenship - Ukrainian
Nationality - Russian
Russian - native
Ukrainian - free
English - spoken
Philosophy, philosophy of politics, legitimacy of political power, philosophical foundation of legitimacy, social philosophy, political theory, political communication, logic.

NGO "NIAA" (Independent informational-analytic agency), sociologist, Simferopol


NGO, Megaproject "CSPI" (The Center of Social-Political Investigation) Simferopol


"Civil Education Project", assistant, Simferopol


NGO, The Family and Youth Center, Crimean Direction, sociologist Simferopol


Tavrida national University, Philosophical Department, Political Science chair, assistant, Simferopol


Project "Democracy education", Kiev

05. 24-25.2003

Forum of Political scientists, Pushe Vodica

07.20-08.09. 2003

Summer school "Political Philosophy", Almatu, Kazakstan


education: Simferopol state University, Historical department, specialization on philosophy


Tavrida national University, chair of philosophy, postgraduate student

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E-mail: mosquit@yandex.ru Mvnikolko@mail.ru