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The Faculty of Foreign Philology

The Head of the Department

Edward Sh. Isayev, assistant professor
Phone +38 (0652) 25-30-84

Faculty Members

Professor A. S. Kozlov (history of foreign literature);
Assistant Professors: L. V. Pavlenko (history of foreign literature, historical grammar of the Greek language), 0. N. Aleksandrova (history of the Greek literature, introduction to Balkan studies) and I. I. Vdovichenko (ancient art); Senior Lecturer S. A. Lazaridi (lingual country studies, history and theory of translation, the New Greek language teaching methods);
L. A. Shengelia, A. K. Georgiadi (phraseology of the New Greek language), A. A. Lazaridi, Vasilios Makris (history of the Greek literature, stylistics of the New Greek language) and Christos Chrisafis (New Greek authors, practical course of the Greek language, special courses).

Areas of Research

Ancient and modem philology; modern foreign literary criticism; comparative literature studies; antiquity in modern literatures; folklore and literature of the Northern Black Sea Greeks.

Academic and Educational Relations

are maintained with Shevchenko Kiev National University, Aristotle University in Thessaloniki and Yannina University (Greece), etc. A centre for advanced training for the Crimean teachers of the New Greek language is supported by the Greek Ministry of Education.

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The Department of German Philology
The Department of Greek Philology


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