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The Faculty of Physical Training and Sports
The Department of Sports



It was established in 1972 and is now directed by Professor V.A.Beketov

Teaching staff:
Professors: V.A.Beketov (Fundamentals of general theory of sport, Fundamentals of youth sports, Highly-qualified sportsmen training system, Theory and methods of selected sports (Martial arts); Associate professors: V.I.Belikov (Theory and methods of selected sports (speed and power track and field athletics), Track and field athletics, Recreational running), S.V. Pogodina (Fundamentals of general theory of sport, the System of highly-qualified sportsmen training, the Theory and methods of selected sports (cyclical endurance sports), Swimmimng and aquatics, Aqua-fitness); Senior Lecturers: V.N. Shylin (Track and field athletics), R.K.Podzolkin (Track and field  athletics), V.I.Truskavetsky (Martial arts, Physical and sports facilities, Physical and rehabilitation facilities, Sports hardware, Enhancement of freestyle wrestling skills), E.E.Uryupin (Track and field athletics), A.V.Kurdynko (Martial arts); Lecturers: S.V.Berezansky  (Track and field athletics, Recreational running), A.V. Neustroeva (Basics of youth sport), V.S. Yuferev (Swimming and aquatics).

Areas of research:
Scientific justification and support of sport reserves training; psychological, pedagogical, medicobiological and legal aspects of physical training and recreational activities optimization.

Academic and educational relations are maintained with the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports and the Department of Human Biology of Ukrainian State  University of Physical Training  and Sport (Kiev); with the Department of Human and Animal  Physiology of Donetsk State Pedagogical University; with Kiev Research Institute Pedagogica. In order to renew scientific and special literature the Department cooperates with the most popular publishing houses, such as “Terrasport”, “The Theory and Practice of Physical Culture”, “SportAkademPress” (Russia), “Olympic Literature” (Ukraine). To introduce the results scientific research in practice  the Department collaborates with children and youth sports schools of Crimea, Republican College of Olympic Reserve and Medico-recreatioanal Sports Centers.