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The Faculty of Physical Training and Sports
The Department of Gymnastics and Biomechanics



It was established in 1971 and is now directed by Associate professor O.V.Nikolenko, Candidate of Biological Science.

Teaching staff:
Associate professor: O.V.Nikolenko (Theory and methods of sports type, Gymnastics and Methods of training, Biochemistry, Theory and methods of selected sports); Senior Lecturers: V.N.Seregin (Gymnastics and methods of training, Athletics), A.D.Shvetzov (Gymnastics and methods of training, Athletics), G.M.Ugolkov (Gymnastics and Methods of training), L.A.Ozerova (Aerobics), S.L.Prokopchenko (Fitness-aerobics, Health-improving gymnastics); Lecturer: A.E.Navtikov (Gymnastics and methods of training, Athletics).

Areas of research:
Physiological justification of recreational efficiency of various types of gymnastics. The Department has in its scientific active 30 invented gym-apparatus, 250 publications including textbooks, manuals, monographies. 3 Doctors of Science and 9 Candidates of Science have completed their studies at the Department. The Postgraduate student L.A.Ozerova is researching the topic “Reactions of motor system in conditions of tractional muscle relaxation in case of motor apparatus functional break”. The Department participates   actively in International and Regional conferences and seminars.

Academic and educational relations are maintained traditionally with sports clubs and organisations in France (Saint-Etienne, Avignon), Germany (Heidelberg), the United States (Portland), Poland (Radom).