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Faculties and Institutes


The Faculty of Physical Training and Sport


The Department of Sport Games

  The Head of the Department  

Vladimir F. KROVYAKOV, Associate Professor, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Honoured Professor TNU.

  Phone: +38 (0652) 25-55-62
E-mail: krovyakov@tnu.crimea.ua

The department of sport games is organized in 1972 years. A material and technical base was created forces of students and teachers. A summer playing stadium was built: 2 basket-ball grounds, 1 volley-ball and 1 for playing a hand ball, playing riding hall by an area 1000 sq.m.




КA department is conduct scientific-methodical and research work, teachers participate in interuniversity scientific conferences.

Traditionally high results collapsible commands laboured for on republican and all-union sporting games. A basket-ball womanish command more than 30 years is a champion and prizewinner of student sports and athletics meeting of institutes of higher of Ukraine, was the participant of finale of the All-union student games. A masculine basket-ball command more than 20 years is lead among the institutes of higher republic, repeatedly was a champion and prizewinner of republican student games. In 1989 a command occupied 3 place in the All-union student games. Commands were managed by Burnatsev a.v. and Morkus A.V. With 1978 a womanish basket-ball command is the participant of championship of the USSR among the commands of a 1 league, presently participates in championship of Ukraine.

On a department the commands of major league of championship of Ukraine are created "University" on womanish basket-ball, masculine baseball. A soccer command is the third prizewinners of student games, a masculine command on baseball is a champion of Ukraine among students. The nurse-children of department play in the leading soccer commands of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, France.

The masculine handball command of faculty in 1980 took part in championship of the USSR for to a 1 league. A womanish handball command occupied 2 place on Sports and athletics meeting of institutes of higher of UKRAINE (command trainer - Zveryanskiy A.P.).

A masculine volley-ball command was the possessor of cup of student society of the USSR and UKRAINE (trainers of Klemparskiy V.N. and Popichev )M.I.. A womanish volley-ball command repeatedly occupied prize places in republican student sports and athletics meeting under the direction of teachers of Ovdeychuka o.g., Plishko a.I., Klemparskogo V.N. the Soccer command in 2001 years became a champion among the commands of institutes of higher of Ukraine.

Sport masters geared-up a department on basket-ball: Romanenko Е., bronze prizewinner of Sports and athletics meeting of UKRAINE of Kozachenko, bronze prizewinner of Sports and athletics meeting of UKRAINE of Khorenko of V., bronze prizewinner of Sports and athletics meeting of the USSR of Martyuk Е., Lokhmanchuk, Zhdanova And., Shutova of O., Plevanyuk Е., Kuryacha of M, Smetanina And., Wolves of V., Emets P., Khomenko V.; on volley-ball: Khil'ko P., Biryuchkov And., Ivanov And., Hematohistone of O., Mezhenskiy And., Shelest O.

A department prepares specialists on basket-ball, volley-ball, football, baseball, tennis. The best commands on basket-ball and baseball are participants of championship of Ukraine in a major league, a womanish basket-ball command "University" is included in the number of six strongest commands of Ukraine. Football - 2003 year. champion and possessor of cup ARE Crimea, repeated winners of university Games ARE Crimea, prizewinners of university Games of Ukraine. Trainers are senior teachers Gorbachev Andrey Albert, Topolenko Leonid Leonidovich.



  • Theory of select type of sport. Diploma works. Games. Practices (Krovyakov v.f., associate professor);
  • Basket-ball. Theory of select type of sport (Bukova L.M., associate professor);
  • Football. Basket-ball. Theory of select type of sport (Krovyakov v.f., Bukova L.M., Tereshchenko A.I.) ;
  • Basket-ball (ReshetnyaK A.v., old teacher);
  • Football, baseball, volley-ball, basket-ball (TereshchenKo a.I., old teacher);
  • Football, baseball, volley-ball. Theory of select type of sport (Topolenko L.L., old teacher);
  • Basket-ball. Theory of select type of sport (KhodorchenkO V.m., old teacher);
  • Basket-ball, baseball, volley-ball (Kolosov V.O., teacher);
  • Basket-ball, baseball, volley-ball (Korolev A.A., teacher);
  • Basket-ball, baseball, volley-ball (Agapov D.V., teacher).

Scientific work


For development of scientific and organizational approaches in training and competition process control in sporting games, educational courses are created: "Basket-ball, methods of training and management", "Volley-ball in the light of changes of tactical and technical receptions of game", "Modern progress of football trends". In the last few years it is published the about twenty advanced studies.

Long-range researches are creation of modern conception of preparation of sporting backlogs in sporting games.



Scientific and educational contacts and connections with the Crimean medical university, Crimean state agrouniversity Ukrainian national university of physical education and sport, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov institutes of physical culture, Radomskim by a polytechnic university (Poland), sporting clubs and organizations of France, German federal REPUBLIC, USA.