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The Faculty of Psychology
The Department of Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy


The Head of the Department

Nadezhda F. Kalina, Professor, Doctor of Psychological Science
Phone: +38 0652 63-30-20


  • Introduction in Speciality, Bases of Psychological Consultation. Psychotherapy. Bases of Linguistic Psychotherapy. Philosophy of Postmodernism. Structural Psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis of Culture (N.F.Kalina, Professor);
  • Clinical Psychology. Correction of Mental Development. General Psychology. Age Psychology. Psychology in Somatic Clinic (I.V. Zyabkina, Associate Professor);
  • Political Psychology. Pedagogical Psychology. Psychological Service in Education. Ethnopsychology. Psychology of Sexuality. Psychology of Business and Advertising (E.V.Cherny, Associate Professor);
  • Bases of Psychological Consultation. Mathematical Methods in Psychology. Bases of Psychological Training. Analytical Work under Supervision (V.R.Dorozhkin, Associate Professor);
  • K.G.Yung's Analytical Psychology, Mathematical Methods in Psychology, Computer Psychodiagnostics (V.I.Kolesnikova, Associate Professor);
  • History of Psychology, Age Psychology. Age and Pedagogical Psychology. Classical Psychoanalysis. Psychoanalytic Theories of Development (D.I.Ivanov, Associate Professor);
  • Psychology of the Person. Psychology of Family Relations (V.I. Silyaeva, Associate Professor);
  • Psychodiagnostics. Psychology of Sports. Corporal Directions in Psychoanalysis. Analytical Work under Supervision (A.V.Starovoitov, Associate Professor);
  • Dasein Analysis. Modern Depth Psychology. Psychoanalysis of the Epoch of Postmodern (A.V. Maricheva, Associate Professor);
  • Psychology of Religion (O.A.Voinovskaya, Associate Professor).
  • Legal Psychology. Addictive Psychology (T.S.Zhurzhu, assistant);

Scientific Work

Areas of research:
Psychology of the symbolic constituting of subject. Within the framework of this theme  a number of more specified projects is conducted.  The Crimean school of the experimental training, Center for training of personnel managers (the Head is the Associate professor V.Р. Dorozhkin), international seminar on corporal and art-therapy (the Head is the Associate professor А.V. Starovoytov), Center of psychoanalytical aid (the Head is professor N.F. Kalina, Associate professor А.V. Maricheva, Associate professor V.I. Silyaeva), Center for assistance to parents and children «Temenos» (the Head is the Associate professor D.I. Ivanov), Association of patristic psychotherapy (the Head is the Associate professor О.А. Voynovskaya) are among them.

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