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The Faculty of Psychology


The Dean of the Faculty

Vladimir K. Kalin, Professor, Doctor of Psychological Science
Phone: +38 (0652) 63-75-93
E-mail: kalin@tnu.crimea.ua


The Faculty of Psychology was founded on the basis of the Department of Psychology on July 10, 2002. It contains three departments – of General Psychology, of Pedagogics, of Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy. There are several laboratories at the Faculty: the laboratory of experimental psychology and psychophysiology, the laboratory of computer psychodiagnostics, the laboratory of child psychology, the laboratory of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. The Faculty offers also postgraduate studies.
5 doctors and 25 candidates of science work at the Faculty.

Graduates Profile

Educational program of the Faculty provides the opportunity to defend diplomas in foreign language ( English, German, French or Spanish). The students that defend diploma in a foreign language obtain the certificate of a translator besides the diploma.
During the period of study students have practical training as psychologists in the following trends: in the nursery schools, in the child’s family, in the institutions of the Ministry of social protection, in hospitals, schools, at industrial enterprises, pedagogical practice at universities (teaching of psychology in a foreign language), practical training according to the trend of specialization, pre-diploma practice.


In Crimea:

  • Crimean State S.I.Georgievsky Medical University. (Simferopol);
  • Crimean Humanitarian University (Yalta);
  • Association of Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists of Crimea (Simferopol);
  • Crimean School of Experimental Training;

In Ukraine:

  • Institute of Social and Political Psychology of NPA of Ukraine (Kiev);
  • G.S.Kostyuk Institute of Psychology (Kiev);
  • Кyiv National T.Shevchenko University (Кyiv);
  • South-Ukrainian Centre of Science of NPA of Ukraine (Odessa);
  • South-Ukrainian State K.D.Ushinsky Pedagogical University (Odessa);
  • Odesa National I.M.Mechnikov University (Odessa);
  • Volyn National L.Ukrainka University (Lutsk);
  • Kharkiv National V.N.Karazin University (Kharkov);
  • Association of Social and Political Psychologists of Ukraine (Kiev);
  • Kiev Art-Therapeutic Association (Kiev);


  • Association of Foundation of Freudian Field (Paris);
  • Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution of George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia, the USA);
  • Moscow-City institute of Psychology and Pedagogics (Department of Psychological Consultation and Psychotherapy);
  • Russian Psychoanalytic Society (Moscow);
  • Faculty of Sociology of St.-Petersburg State University, (St.-Petersburg, Russia);
  • East-European Institute of Psychoanalysis (St.-Petersburg, Russia);
  • Information Centre of Psychoanalytic Culture (St.-Petersburg, Russia).

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