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The Faculty of Psychology
The Department of General Psychology


The Head of the Department

Vladimir K. Kalin, Professor, Doctor of Psychological Science
Phone: +38 0652 63-75-93
E-mail: kalin@tnu.crimea.ua


The Department of Psychology was formed in 1920. The first head was B. I. Vorotynskiy, then P. E. Leikfeld, who made a number of researches in the field of experimental psychology and dialect logics, he made researches of cognitive processes, memory, attention, etc. During the same period the experimental laboratory was organized, which was equipped with a plenty of devices, at that time produced in Leningrad under supervision of the known psychologist in the country - professor A. P. Nechaev. These devices helped conduct researches similar to those conducted in V. Vundt's Leipzig laboratory. During occupation of Crimea by fascists the laboratory was plundered.
In 1930s, the head of the department was a well-known psychologist professor V. M. Belous. The department had a special library. Some books were saved - now they are in the category of rare books.
During evacuation of the Institute its acting head was professor V. M. Borovsky - the great expert in the area of zoopsychology. His basic work is "Psychological Activity of Animals". In the large number of researches V. M. Borovsky and his co-workers studied influence of various stimuli on formation of animals’ skills. From 1944 to 1946 the Department of Psychology was headed by professor N. J. Voitonis, an outstanding representative of comparative-genetic psychology. N. J. Voitonis processed the scientific material collected by him earlier and finished the monography "Prehistory of Intelligence" -- this work obtained the world recognition. In 1946-1951 significant researches in the field of psychology were conducted by Associate Professor A. G. Kovalev, subsequently the doctor of psychological science, working at the Leningrad University who headed the department after N. J. Voitonis' death. In Crimea, he investigated problems of characterology, pedagogical psychology. These very years and later here worked Associate Professor A. I. Chukhin who published the works on research of attention and memory. His book for schoolchildren "Malyutka" was a great success and sustained many editions in the big circulation. From 1960s and before the death (1985) the Doctor of Psychological Science, Professor B. I. Dodonov -- a graduate of the Crimean Pedagogical Institute -- worked at the Department. His contribution to world psychology is connected to the concept of emotional orientation of the person created by him. Two monographies of B. I. Dodonov -- "Emotion as Value" and "In the World of Emotions" gained the vast recognition. From the beginning of the 1960s the Department of Psychology merged with the Faculty of the Pedagogics headed at that time by Associate Professor I. A. Fursenko. In 1967 the Department of Psychology again obtained independence. From 1967 to 1978 Associate Professor V. V. Mironenko was its head. Since 1978 Professor V. K. Kalin has been the Head of the Department.
In 1990 the Department began preparation of students of new specialty - school psychologists organizers of psychological service at school. In 1993 at Simferopol State University the branch of psychology was opened.
The Department of Psychology now is the center of scientific researches on psychology in the south of Ukraine. Scientists of the Department have brought in the feasible contribution in development of Ukrainian psychology. This progress is especially obvious in its applied branches.

Disciplines and Courses

  • General Psychology. Methodology of Psychology. (V. K. Kalin, Professor, Doctor of Psychological Science) ;
  • Neuroethology. Psychophysiology. Experimental Psychology. (V. B. Pavlenko, Professor, Candidate of Biological Science);
  • Psychophysiology. Automated Measurements in Psychology (I.N Konareva, Associate Professor, Doctor of Biological Science);
  • Methodological Principles and Intellectual Technologies. Methodological Bases of Psychology. General Psychology (E.P. Kolesnikov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Psychological Science.);
  • Bases of РR. Differential Psychology. General Psychology (Y.A.Evdokimova, Associate Professor, Candidate of Psychological Science);
  • Psychodiagnostics. Social Psychology. Ethnopsychology (N.I. Mishchenko, Associate Professor, Candidate of Psychological Science);
  • Experimental Psychology. Bases of Psychology (S.A. Makhin, Associate Professor, Candidate of Biological Science);
  • Psychological Service at School. General Psychology. Age and Pedagogical Psychology. Technique of Teaching of Psychology. General Psychology. Bases of Pedagogics and Psychology (L.L.Puchkova, Associate Professor, Candidate of Psychological Science);
  • Psychology of the Conflict. Psychodiagnostics (I.V. Brunova-Kalisetskaya, Assistant);
  • Psychological Bases of Vocational Guidance. Pedagogical Psychology (M.I.Sergienko, Assistant);
  • Psychology of Management. Bases of Engineering Psychology. Psychology of Work (A.N. Frantsev, Assistant);
  • Ethnopsychology. Social Psychology (T.V.Milyukova, Assistant);
  • Psychodiagnostics. Social Psychology. Psychology of Addictive Behaviour. Political Psychology (O.E.Dukhnich, Assistant);
  • Introduction in Psychology of Management. Psychological Support of Enterprise Activity. Psychology of Management. Psychology of Leadership. (Y.I Dukhnich, Assistant).

Scientific Work

Areas of research: psychologic aspects of biological feed-back, psychologic aspects of self-organization of life of personality, functional structure of social intellect, innovational potential of person, management psychology, psychologic aspects of conflictology, ethnopsychological problems andpsychologic aspects of immigration, etc.

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