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The Faculty of Physics
The Department of Theoretical Physics


The Head of the Department

Yuriy Anatolevich FRIEDMAN Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science
Telephone (0652)
E-mail: frid@tnu.crimea.ua


The Department of Theoretical Physics was created in 1975 on the basis of the Department of Mathematical Physics.
Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science Anatoliy Vadimovich Svidzinskiy became first Head of the Department of Theoretical Physics.
The scientific interests of the staff of the Department at that time were basically concentrated in the field of physics of the condensed states (theory of superconductivity, the quantum theory of magnetism).
When the new scientists appeared at the Department, the areas of scientific interests extended, and new direction appeared – the quantum field theory.
Since 1992, Prof. Lenur Yagya Arifov has been working at the Department. Another direction began to be developed with his arrival – the theory of gravity.
From 1994 to 2005 Prof. L. Arifov was the Head of the Department, then Prof. Yu. Fridman replaced him at the position.
At present the Department actively develops such scientific directions: the quantum theory of magnetism, the quantum field theory, singular optics.
From 2000 to 2006 6 candidate and 1 doctoral theses were defended at the Department.
The employees of the Department are published in the leading physical periodicals of the world.

Faculty Members

  1. Arifov, Lenur Yagya – Prof., Dr.Sci.(Phys.-Math.);
  2. Fridman, Juriy Anatolevich - – Prof., Dr.Sci.(Phys.-Math.);
  3. Alekseev, Konstantin Nikolaevich – Assoc. Prof., Cand.Sci.(Phys.-Math.);
  4. Akhramovich, Leonid Nikolaevich – Assoc. Prof., Cand.Sci.(Phys.-Math.);
  5. Butrim, Victor Ivanovich – Assoc. Prof., Cand.Sci.(Phys.-Math.);
  6. Roschupkin, Sergey Nikolaevich – Assoc. Prof., Cand.Sci.(Phys.-Math.);
  7. Klevets, Phillip Nikolaevich – Senior Teacher, Cand.Sci.(Phys.-Math.);
  8. Kosmachev, Oleg Valerievich – Senior Teacher., Cand.Sci.(Phys.-Math.);
  9. Gopman, Alexey Borisovich – Senior Teacher;
  10. Kolybashkina, Anna Mikhaylovna – Senior Laboratorian;
  11. Boedzhiev, Andrey Sergeevich – Senior Laboratorian.


  • Theoretical Mechanics. Gravity. Fundamentals of General Theory of Relativity (L. Arifov, Professor);
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics. Quantum Theory of the Magnetism (Yu. Fridman, Professor);
  • Quantum Mechanics. Group Theory. Quantum Electrodynamics (S. Roshchupkin, Assoc. Professor);
  • Quantum Mechanics. Theory of Superconductivity (L Akhramovich, Assoc. Professor);
  • Electrodynamics. Quantum Mechanics (V. Butrim, Assoc. Professor);
  • Theory of Phase Transitions (F. Klevets, Assistant);
  • Software for Physical Studies. Physics of the Solids (O. Kozhemyako, Senior Teacher);
  • Methods of Theoretical Physics. Fundamentals of Physical Kinetics. (K. Alekseyev, Assoc. Professor);
  • The Classical and Quantum Theories of Gage Fields. Fundamentals of String Theory (A. Gopman, Senior Teacher) ;
  • Analytical Geometry and Vector Algebra for Computer Systems Students (A. Lelyakov, Assistant).

Scientific Work
Basic directions of the scientific activity: the problems of classical field theory, the general theory of relativity and its application in astrophysics and cosmology, the theory of strings and zero-strings in the pseudo-Riemann spaces, the quantum theory of magnetism, magnetoacoustician, singular optics.
The faculty maintains contacts with the NASU Kiev Institute of Physics, NASU Institute of Magnetism, NASU Institute of crystallography, NASU Institute of Theoretical Physics, NASU Donetsk Physicotechnical Institute, National Centre of Science of NASU (Kharkov), Volynsk L. Ukrainka State University (Lutsk), Krasnoyarsk Kerenskiy Institute of Physics (Russia), the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of Russia, the American Mathematical Society (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Wills Physical Laboratory, University of Bristol (Great Britain), National university of Sweden (Stockholm), institute of Physics of Rzeszow University (Poland), University of Alberta (Canada).

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