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The Faculty of Physics
The Department of Radiophysics and Electronics


The Head of the Department

Vladimir V. Starostenko, Associate Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Phone: +38 (0652) 60-82-60
E-mail: starostenko@crimea.com

The Department was established in 1986 by Professor A.G. Shein and is now directed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science, Associate professor V.V.Starostenko.

Teaching staff:

Professor A.V. Bruns ( Fundamentals of metrology in applied physics);
Associate Professors: V.V. Starostenko ( Radiotechnical chains and signals, Antennas and radio waves propagation, Statistical radiophysics, Wave influence on materials and biological objects, Electro-magnetic compatibility and radiophysics), M.V. Glumova ( Fundamentals of physical electronics, Theory of oscillation and waves, Computer engineering and programming, Numerical methods in radiophysics, Computer modeling, Computer physics); E. V. Grigoriev
( Radio electronics, Radio metering, Fundamentals of television, Secondary power sources, Telecommunicational devices, Microprocessing tecnique), A.A. Shadrin (Semiconductor electronics, Technology and microwave electronics, Digital signal processing). A.S. Mazinov ( Quantum radiophysics, Fundamentals of opto- electronics, Physical foundations of microelectronics), E.P. Taran
(Computer graphics, Engineering graphics,  Theory of information and coding, Signal systems); Senior Lecturer: S.A. Zuev ( Physics of semiconductors, Object- based programming language, Computer networks, Application packages in radiophysics).
Profile of Specialists: Radiophysics, circuit technicians, specialists in computer technologies, digital signal processing, telecommunication systems.
Qualification: Bachelor of Applied physics, Specialist on Radiophysics and electronics, Master of Radiophysics and electronics.
Areas of research:
Experimental and theoretical research of processes of co-operation of the high-intensive impulsive electromagnetic fields with the elements of microstructures of devices of semiconductors and integral microcircuits. Mathematical design of physical processes in the elements of microstructures of devices of semiconductors and microcircuits at the influence of the high-intensive impulsive electromagnetic fields;
Creation of mathematical models of devices of semiconductors and electro vacuum devices. Маthematic design of physical processes in electronic searchlights (cannons) and electronic - optical systems of electro vacuum devices devices, including devices of UHF. Research of the systems of forming of electronic bunches of different intensity on the base of film cathodes , study of descriptions of noises of electro vacuum devices and  semiconductors;
Development of new electronic schemes. Creation and research of film semiconductor devices on the basis of amorphous and polycrystalline structures;
Development and creation of the systems of the use of nontraditional (renewable) energy sources on the basis of photo-electric batteries of semiconductors.

Scientific and educational relations:
Are maintained with Kharkov Science and Technology Institute. Kharkov Technical University of Radio Electronics, the NASU Institute of Radio Electronics (Kharkov), Shevchenko Kiev National University, the NASU Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Orion Corporation ( Kiev), the Byelorussian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics.