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The Faculty of Physics
The Department of the Applied Electrodynamics


The Department was established in 1972 by Professor E.V.Kolesnikov

The Head of the Department is I.P. Stadnyk

Teaching staff:
Professor I.P. Stadnik ( Electrodynamics, Synthesis of magnetic field, Static fields); Associate Professors: O.I. Parmenov ( Electric machines and apparatuses, Fundamentals of electric power engineering, waveguides) and A.T. Dolgosheev ( Methods of mathematical physics, Theoretical foundations of electrotechnology); Senior Lecturers: I.Y.Gorskaya ( Electrodynamics, Eddy currents, Methods of mathematical physics) and G.P. Kozik (Integral eqations, Inverted problems in mathematical physics, Methods of mathematical physics).
Profile of Specialists:
    Students graduate as physicists specializing in applied electrodynamics and electrophysics. Students are trained in fields related to design, construction and operation of electrotechnical and electromechanical devices, non-traditional energy sources, instrument-making and electric machine engineering.

Areas of research:
analysis and synthesis of the electromagnetic fields, calculation and optimization of electrical engineering devices and constructions, synthesis of the electric and magnetic systems, theory of integral equalizations, experimental methods of researches of the electromagnetic fields and processes, research of long-ranges: nontraditional energy sources.

Academic and educational relations:
are maintained with the NASU Institute of Electrodynamics, the East Ukrainian University (Lugansk), the Crimean Academy of Nature Conservation and Resort Development, SELMA Electric Machine Construction Plant (Simferopol). Relations have been established with Darmstadt Higher Technical School and Hessian Higher Specialised School ( Germany).