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Faculties and Institutes


Тhе Faculty of Physics


Address: 4, Vernadsky Ave., Physics Faculty, Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University Simferopol, 95007, Crimea, Ukraine.
E-mail: physics@crimea.edu
Phone: +38 (0652) 60-80-70

  The Dean of the Faculty  
  GLUMOVA Marina V., PhD (Physics and Mathematics)  
  Phone:+38 (0652) 60-80-70
E-mail: gmv@crimea.edu

Physics Faculty is one of the oldest in the University. Among those who studied and worked here were the Nobel Prize Winner in Physics Academicians I. E. Tamm and I.M.Frank, triple Socialist Labour Hero I. V. Kurсhatov and Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Science K. I. Schelkin, Academician I. F. Joffe, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Y. L Frenkel and others.

Nowadays the teaching stuff includes, 17 Doctors of Sciences, Professors; 35 Candidates of Physico-Mathematical and Physico - Technical Sciences (PhD), Associate Professors.

Scientist  of the Faculty founded several independent research institutions: the Centre of Geophysical Research in the Crimea (The Crimean seismic station, nowadays- the Seismology Section of the NANU Institute of geophysics ); the Design – Engineering  Bureau “Domain”; the Research Technology Institute of Functional Microelectronics.

550 students and 20 postgraduate students study at six Departments of the Faculty.


Major Fields of Study

  • General Physics (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees)

  • Applied Physics (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees)

  • Radiophysics and Electronics (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees)

  • Computer Engineering. Computer Systems and Networks (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees)


Faculty consists of 6 departments:

  • Theoretical Physics

  • Experimental Physics

  • General Physics

  • Radiophysics and Electronics

  • Solid-state Physics

  • Computer Engineering and Simulations


Theoretical Physics

Head of Department: Prof. Fridman Yuriy A., Dr of Science (Physics and Mathematics)

Phone: +38 (0652) 60-80-65

E-mail: frid@tnu.crimea.ua

Research areas:

  • Condensed-matter Physics (Theory of Superconductivity, Quantum Theory of Magnetism)
  • Quantum Theory of Field
  • Theory of Gravitation


Experimental Physics

Head of Department: Prof. Bergansky Vladimir N., Dr of Science (Physics and Mathematics)

Phone: +38 (0652) 63-75-95

E-mail: roton@tnu.crimea.ua

Research areas:

  • Physics of Magnetic Semiconductor
  • Spin Dynamics, Electronic and Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation
  • Theoretical Basis of NMR–spectroscopy
  • Electrodynamics of Composite  Materials


General Physic

Head of Department: Prof. Volyar Aleksandr V., Dr of Science (Physics and Mathematics)

Phone: +38 (0652)  60-81-94

E-mail: volyar@crimea.edu

Research areas:

Fundamental Investigations in the Field of Laser Beams and Optical Fiber


Radiophysics and Electronics

Head of Department: Prof. Starostenko Vladimir V., Dr of Science (Physics and Mathematics)

Phone: +38 (0652) 60-82-60

E-mail: starostenko@crimea.com

Research areas:

  • Experimental and Theoretical Research of Process of Interaction of Electromagnetic Field with Microstructural elements of Semiconductive Devices and Chips.
  • Numerical Simulation Physical Processes in Microstructural Elements of Semiconductive Devices and chips.
  • Physics Processes Research in Electronic Beams.
  • Emission Phenomena of the Different Type Cathodes.
  • Designing Numerical Models of Electronic Devices, Computer Simulation in the Field of Physical Electronics.
  • Noise Phenomena in Electronic Devices.


Direct of scientific research - Astronomy and Methods of Physics

Head: Associate Professor Kuvshinov Vladimir M., PhD (Physics and Mathematics)

E-mail: kuvshin@crimea.edu

Research areas:

  • Physics of Stellar Atmosphere
  • Stellar Magnetism
  • Optics and Physics of Earth Atmosphere
  • Didactics of High and Higher School


Solid-state Physics

Head of Department: Associate Professor Strugatsky Mark B., PhD (Physics and Mathematics)

Phone: +38 (0652) 60-82-82

E-mail: strugatsky@tnu.crimea.ua

Research areas:

  • Research of Structures and Physical Properties of Magnetically Ordered Crystals
  • Surface Magnetism
  • Magnetoacoustics of Antiferromagnet


Computer Engineering and Simulation

Head of Department: Prof. Scatcov Aleksandr N., Dr of Science (Engineering Sciences)

Assistant Head Associate Professor Milukov Victor V., PhD (Engineering Sciences)

Phone: (380652)60-21-10

E-mail: mvv@tnu.crimea.ua

Research areas:

  • Analysis and Synthesis of Electromagnetic Fields
  • Calculation and Optimization of Electro-technical Devices and Constructions
  • Synthesis of Electric and Magnetic Systems


Physics Faculty cooperates with many scientific and educational institutions of Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Germany, Poland, France, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, theUK and other countries.

International conferences and scientific schools are organized by the Faculty, such us “Functional materials” and «Singular Optic».

We are open for any kind of cooperation.