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The Faculty of Slavic Philology and Journalism


The Department of Russian, Slavic and General Linguistics

  The Head of the Department  
  Ludmila Efimovna BESSONOVA, Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Philology  
  Phone: +38 (0652) 51-81-80
E-mail: lbessonova@crimea.edu



The Department of Russian, Slavic and General Linguistics exists since the day of opening of Taurida University (1918) and has a glorious history. In the first decades the Department has been directed by professors A. M. Lukyanenko (1925-1935), V.I. Borkovsky (later – academician) (1935-1940), A.I. Germanovich (1940-1968), V.N. Migirin (1956-1971), by associate professor (later – professor) V.M. Ronginsky (initially an associate professor and later a professor) (1971-1975 and 1984-2002), O.M. Sokolov (1975-1984), A. N. Rudjakov (2000-2009), since the year 2009 the Department is directed by associate professor L.E. Bessonova.


The main directions of the scientific work of the Department

  1. Linguistics of language senses and verbal means of their expression (Ph.D. in Philology, Professor E.N. Sidorenko).
  2. Functional and contrastive vocabulary description (based on the matter of Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Crimean Tatar languages, Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor V.N. Aliyeva).
  3. Language and discourse synergetics. Cognitive mechanisms of the text and discourse organization (Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor L.V.Valeyeva, Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor L.E. Bessonova).
  4. Crimean text in the Russian literature (Doctor of Philology, Professor L.A. Orekhova).
  5. Lexical, categorical and word-formation semantics; lexicography and neography (Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor A.V. Petrov, Ph.D. in Philology, assistant professor R.V. Zabashta).
  6. Political linguistics: language conceptualization, dynamic processes of the text (Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor L.E. Bessonova, assistant lecturer N.A. Segal, assistant lecturer E.S. Zvyagina).
  7. Pragmalinguistic analysis of the text. Aspects of interpretation of the text as a unit of the regulation subsystem (Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor Y.V. Dorofeyev).
  8. Language semantics in referential, pragmatic and cognitive aspects (Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor L.V. Valeyeva).
  9. Confessional vocabulary of Russian and Polish languages in a context of actual speech experience of the 20th century (Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor A.K.Gadomsky).