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The Faculty of Slavic Philology and Journalism
The Department of Cross-Language Communication and Journalism


The Head of the Department

The Department was established in 2002 and is directed by Professor Galina Yurievna Bogdanovich.

Phone: +38 (0652) 51-81-80, 51-66-02
E-mail: bogdanovich@crimea.edu

Teaching staff

Professors: G.Yu.Bogdanovich (Word-formation, Morphology of modern Russian language, Introduction to Slavic philology, Practical course on orthography and punctuation, Linguoculturology, Ethnolinguistics, Theory of mass communication), E.S.Reguschevsky (Introduction to Linguistics, Introduction to Slavic philology, History of the Ukrainian language, Modern Russian language, General linguistics), A.M.Emirova (Introduction to Linguistics, Rhetoric, Communicative phraseology), N.N.Sidorenko (History of Ukrainian journalism); Associate professors: E.I. Semikolenova (Morphology of modern Russian language, Stylistics and culture of speech, General course), L.E.Bessonova (Lexicology of modern Russian language, Basic theory of language communication, Practical course of the Russian language), S.S.Dikareva (Introduction to linguistics, Basic theory of language communication, the Czech language), S.G.Chernobrivets (Syntax of modern Russian language, Practical course on orthography and punctuation, Language stylistics), I.V.Zabelo (History of the Russian language, Introduction to Slavic philology, Computer technologies in philology), N.A.Konovalova (Linguoculturology, Linguistic culture studies, Computer technologies in philology, Rhetoric), N.D.Matiiv (Syntax of the Ukrainian language, Onomatology, Practical courses on orthography), A.G. Schilina (Practical course of the Ukrainian language, General course of the Russian language, Gender research in language), O.A.Subbotina (Practical course on the Russian language, Rhetoric, stylistics and culture of speech), O.K.Smirnov (Sociology of mass communication, Conflictology and tolerance), Yu.A. Golodnikova (Television studies, Radiojournalism, History of foreign journalism); Lecturers: L.G.Khoroschilova, L.G.Egorova, A.Yu.Trophimov, O.N.Volodchenko, V.L.Kondratskaya, S.M.Dibrova, O.A.Baschkatova, N.I.Boijscha, etc.

Areas of research

intercultural communications and communicative technologies, lingual culture studies and gender language research, modern Russian language issues, concept of linguistics, Slavic linguistics language picture of the world, ethnolinguistics; research of Ukrainian informative area, specifications of different journalistic types, mediacritics, theory and methods of journalistic creativity, ethic and ecological problems and their covering in mass media.

The Department annually hosts international conferences, such as Intercultural Communications, Informative Environment of Ukraine: journalism and mediaeducation. Collections of academic works are published.    

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