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General information

Head of Management of Entrepreneurship Department - Doctor of Economics, professor Tsohla Svetlana Yurievna:
Building “B”, room 204.
Telephone: (0652) 63-75-66
E-mail: tsohla@bigmir.net

Teacher's room:
Building “A”, room 407.
E-mail: entreship@crimea.edu


Department membership

  1. Tsohla S.Yu. - Doctor of Economics, professor, head of department
  2. Buzni A.N. - Doctor of Economics, professor
  3. Nagorskaya M.N. - Doctor of Economics, professor
  4. Skorobogatova T.N. - Doctor of Economics, professor
  5. Shvets I.Yu. - Doctor of Economics, professor
  6. Pavlenko I.G. - candidate of economic sciences, associate professor
  7. Temnenko V.A. - candidate of physicomathematical sciences, associate professor
  8. Tregulova I.P. - candidate of economic sciences, associate professor
  9. Polischuk E.A. - candidate of economic sciences, senior lecturer
  10. Podsmashnaya I.N. - senior lecturer
  11. Filipenko S.V. - senior lecturer
  12. Korolenko Yu.N. - assistant
  13. Buyko O.V. – senior laboratorian

History of department

Department was found in 1999 as Economic and Management Theory Department. In 2003 it was renamed as Management of Entrepreneurship Department.

Heads of department:

  • Nagorskaya Muza Nikolaevna - Doctor of Economics, professor, academician of Academy of Economis Sciences, 1999-2010.
  • Tsohla Svetlana Yurievna - Doctor of Economics, professor, since 2010.

Tsohla Svetlana Yurievna - Doctor of Economics, professor.

She graduated planned-economic faculty of Moscow institute of national economy named after V.G. Plekhanov, specialty “Planning of national economy”. In 1998 she completed postgraduate course in Crimean institute of environmental and health resort design obtained specialty “Economy of enterprise and organization of manufacture”. In 1998 defended a dissertation on “Improvement of enterprise performance evaluation methods”.

In 2003 she was awarded with ministry of education of AR Crimea letter of commendation for long-term and conscientious work.

In 2009 she defended a doctoral dissertation.

Head of specialized academic council D 52.051.06.

Tsohla S.Yu. successfully combines managing, administrative, pedagogical, methodical and scientific activity.

Author of more than 90 scientific and methodological publications, including three monographs, three manuals recommended by Ministry of Education and Science.

Fields of science: mechanisms of economic management, strategy of economic development, investments, innovations, transformation of health-resort and recreation sector, economic diagnostic, prognostication, controlling.


Department ensures fundamental scientific, professional and applied training of bachelors (basic higher education), specialist and masters (complete higher education).

Lecturers give the following courses:

  • for specialists “Management of organizations”: management of organizations, methodology of scientific investigations, legal foundations of activity of a manager, psychology of management.

  • for masters “Management of foreign-economic activity”: psychology of management.

  • for masters “Management of organizations”: management of organizations, methodology of scientific investigations, psychology of management, methodology of teaching in higher school.

All graduators are competitive capable on labour market, have possibilities of job placement on leading enterprises (organizations, institutions, firms, companies). They can hold the following positions:

  • chief of foreign-economic relations department of joint enterprises;

  • public servant;

  • lecturer;

  • head of enterprises, organizations, institutions;

  • chief or master of operating departments;

  • main specialist of operating departments;

  • head of operating departments in commerce;

  • head of apparatus of central organs of government;

  • head of small-scale enterprise;

  • head of departments in field of education.

Most gifted graduators have chance to pass postgraduate course in university.


Specialty “Business-administration

This specialty is practical. Its disciplines enable the self-perfection by development of skills, such as: decision-making, team job, leadership, bargaining, communications and presentations.

Graduator’s professional activity consists in:

  • preparation and strategic decision making within own competence;
  • strategic administration of organization as a whole and its departments;
  • implementation of  functions of management;
  • management of subordinates.

Specialty “Logistics

Its disciplines are intended for training of specialists for effective management of procurements, production and distribution within micro- and macrosystems.

Graduators will have a notion about systems, methods and service in logistics, be able to draw business transactions on receipt, migration and issue of goods, know storage conditions of basic goods and procedure of inventory in warehouse. In what follows, this allows to develop transport schemes, to track motion of inputs, to keep record of goods etc.


Specialty “Management on goods and service market

Purpose of this specialty is to form knowledge about modern technologies on customer demand studies, organization of commodity production, corresponding to demand, sales promotion to external and internal markets.

Students study:

  • cooperation of business corporation with macro- and microenvironment;
  • methodology of organization of commerce;
  • models and methods of management of commerce;
  • modern methods of assessment of commerce effectiveness of enterprises;
  • modeling and prognostication of commerce;
  • scientific fundamentals of organization of trade-technologic processes on promotion of goods and services from producer to consumer;
  • modern methods of consumer protection, assessment of indices of stable development of enterprises.


Specialty “Management in the field of economic competition

Purpose of this specialty is to acquire knowledge on methodology of competitive analysis as perspective direction of development of organization, to assist forming new managerial thinking and antimonopoly regulation.


Department conception

Department was found in 1999 due to necessity of development of scientific and educational direction oriented to training of highly skilled specialists on management of organization and foreign economic activity in various business fields.

Department activity is based on “Education activity conception” of TSU named after V.I.Vernadskiy of specialties “Management of organizations” and “Management of foreign economic activity” for bachelors, specialists and masters.

Conception of department stipulates decisions of the following tasks:

  1. Manager training.
  2. Improvement of teaching of management disciplines system and methods.
  3. Creation of effective education technologies
  4. Assurance of education and science unity in management of organization and foreign economic activity.
  5. Training of high skilled scientific and pedagogic manpower.
  6. Mobilization of students for science.
  7. Improvement of education process by information-innovation technologies and modern teaching techniques.

Basic fields of department activity:

  1. Educative activity.
  2. Scientific activity (organization of investigations, postgraduate education, conferencing, publishing of journals and monographs).
  3. Methodological activity (preparation of textbooks, manuals etc).


Department teaches 32 disciplines on the following specialties: 8.050206 (Management of foreign economic activity), 8.050201 (Management of organizations).

  1. Auditing
    Purposes – to master theoretical fundamentals auditing in Ukraine, to get practical skills on procedure of auditing of enterprise economical activity.

  2. Money and credit
    Purposes – 1) to study main theories of money and credit, origin on money, money today, their role in market economy; 2) to study of fundamentals of money system, financing of investment and rendering of services.

  3. Infrastructure of markets

  4. Controlling
    Purpose – forming of systemic knowledge of fundamentals on management of modern enterprise by integration, coordination and direction of actions of its various departments.

  5. Logistics
    Task – to train specialists who have theoretical and practical knowledge about organization of supply and production distribution, who know rules on filling of transport, commercial, financial, insurance and customs documents.

  6. Macroeconomics
    Purpose – forming of scientific conception about functioning of economics on national level.

  7. Management of organizations
    Purpose – forming of systemic thinking and special knowledge and skills in managing of organization structural components.

  8. Methodology and organization of researches
    Purpose – to study basic methods of researches; forming of integral logic perception of research process, forming scientific approach to work with empirical and statistical material.

  9. Microeconomics
    Purpose – forming of methodologic skills of microeconomic analysis of behavior of economic players, developed economic thinking.

  10. Taxes and tax policy
    Purpose – to acquire knowledge about principles of taxation system in Ukraine, main taxes, improvement of taxation system.

  11. Tax system
    Purpose – to acquire knowledge about management in taxation field.

  12. Basis of enterprise
    Purpose – to acquire knowledge about nature of enterprise, mechanisms and sequence of enterprise actions, factors affecting business environment and economic activity.

  13. Legal basis of management
    Purpose – to acquire knowledge about legal regulation of ownership and management relations between economic players.

  14. Prognostication
    Purpose – to acquire knowledge about stages, methods and models of prognostication of social-economic processes.

  15. Psychology of management
    Purpose – forming of skills of psychological analysis of personal and interpersonal relations in groups; detection of methods of optimal influence on workers for creation of proper social-psychological climate within collective.

  16. Restructuring of enterprises
    Purpose – forming of comprehensive approach to consideration of restructuring of enterprises as improvement of company competitiveness method.

  17. Risks in management
    Purpose – to acquire knowledge to assess possible risk in economical activity, to use all possibilities for total risk reduction.

  18. Statistics
    Purpose – to acquire knowledge and practical skills on statistic assessment of economic processes.

  19. Insurance
    Purpose – to acquire knowledge about theory and practice of insurance of physical and juridical persons.

  20. Standardization and certification of goods, jobs, services by types of economic activity.

  21. Shadow economy
    Purpose – to acquire knowledge about theory and history of shadow economy.

  22. Theory of economic analysis
    Purpose – to acquire knowledge on scientific fundamentals of economic analysis, its methods and methodology, organization of dataware, usage of models to examine economy of enterprises.

  23. Management of quality
    Purpose – forming of complex approach to total quality management system as method of company competitiveness and overcoming of negative tendencies in economic development.

  24. Finances
    Purpose – learning of features and regularities of financial relations under market conditions

  25. Finances of enterprises
    Purpose – to study of financial fundamentals of enterprise activity various patterns of ownership and management engineering; mastering of practical skills on calculation for financiers, economists, accountants and managers.

  26. Economy legislation
    Purpose – forming of system of knowledge in economical legal relationship at present.

  27. Economics of enterprises
    Purpose – forming of special knowledge and practical skills of analysis and planning of economic and production activity of enterprise.

  28. Economy history
    Purpose – consideration of historical and economical process, main tendencies and regularities in development of world economy, and specificity of economic life in Ukraine.

  29. Methodology of teaching in higher school
    Purposes – to study features of conduction of lectures and seminars in institution of higher education; forming of integral perception of preparation to student study.

  30. Legal basis of management
    Purpose – learning main regulations on legal guaranteeing of manager activity, sources of their formation and regulation.

  31. Theory of sectoral markets
    Purpose – learning of main models of formation and functioning of market elements, main principles of company behavior on market.

  32. Economic theory
    Purpose – to have an idea about main economic problems typical to modern economics, to know role of theory in design of society economic development programs, to know links of theory with other fields of knowledge.

Research activity

Since 2000 scientific investigations are carried out in following directions:

  • design and realization of methodological fundamentals of enterprise development strategy;

  • monitoring of small-scale enterprise in AR Crimea;

  • detection of peculiarities of enterprise under new conditions of economic management;

  • detection of role of enterprise in tourist business in Crimea.

From 2000 to 2010 department officers published 15 monographs, 260 scientific articles in specialized journals, 280 articles and abstracts in proceedings of conferences, more then 30 tutorials, 5 workbooks.

Department carries out section “Management of entrepreneurship” within annual university student and faculty conference.

Department issues theoretical and practical journal “Economics of Crimea”. From 2004 to 2009 Nagorskaya M.N. was its chief editor, Nagorskiy Yu.A. was its editor, Podsmashnaya I.N. – corrector, Pavlenko I.G. – computer designer.

From 2000 to 2009 doctoral dissertations were defended by Chigidin O.D., Kolesnik V.I., Shvets I.Yu., Pashentsev A.I., candidate dissertations by Kiselyova Ye.Ye., Kulipanov K.A., Pavlenko I.G. Filipenko S.V., Borzenkova A.N. and Podsmashnaya I.N. are completing their candidate dissertations.

Department has close relations to numerous research institutes, such as Kurgan branch of the Economics institute RAS, Kursk branch of the Russian state trade and economic university, Byelorussian state economics university, Academy of national economy, Yegellonian university (Krakov, Poland), Institute of the industrial economics, National university “Kievo-Mogilyanskaya academy”, Kharkov national economic university, National academy of environmental and health resort building, Sevastopol national technical university.

Students Professional and Discussion Forums

Public association “League of managers” functions on department. It was founded by students of university to realize their potential and to form necessary prerequisites for creation of information-oriented society in Ukraine.

Main purposes of its activity are:

  1. Formation of objective opinion about economic circumstances in Ukraine.
  2. Development of managerial thinking, leader quality.


Since 2005 department organizes scientific conferences. 5 international and 12 national conferences were convened from 2000 to 2010.

23-26.04. 2002
National conference Effectiveness of modern forms and methods of management
National conference Actual problems and perspectives of development of Ukrainian economics
01-04.10. 2003
I national conference Management of entrepreneurship
II National conference of postgraduates and students Management of entrepreneurship
International conference Information availability support: problems of science, education and practice
III National conference of postgraduates and students Management of entrepreneurship
National conference of scientists and specialists Problems of management of entrepreneurship under modern conditions
IV National conference of postgraduates and students Management of entrepreneurship
International conference of scientists and specialists Theory and practice of entrepreneurship
Crimean astrophysical observatory
V National conference of postgraduates and students Management of entrepreneurship
II international conference of scientists and specialists Theory and practice of entrepreneurship
Crimean astrophysical observatory
VI National conference of students, postgraduates and doctoral candidates Management of entrepreneurship
III international conference of scientists and specialists Theory and practice of entrepreneurship
VII national conference of students, postgraduates and doctoral candidates Management of entrepreneurship
I national web-conference of young scientists Features of regional development in Ukraine within new economic conditions
VIII national conference of students, postgraduates and doctoral candidates Management of entrepreneurship
I International conference Entrepreneurship development management under modern conditions

We invite you to participate in future conferences!