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Faculties and Institutes


Тhe Faculty of Management


Scientific life of faculty of management


IIt was established in 1999 as a result of reorganization of the Faculty of Economics and Management.
Students obtain specialities “Management of Organizations”, “Foreign Economic Operations Management”, “Management of Organizations”, “Management of Innovation Operations”, “Administration of Innovation Operations”.

Students with the speciality “Management of Organizations” specialize in six areas: business management; commodity and services market management; hotel, health recreation and tourist services management; personnel management; natural resources management; information systems in management.

There were 1500 students of all years and types of studies in 2007. Graduates of the Faculty receive the Qualification of Bachelor of Management, Manager-Economist, Master of the Foreign Economic Operations Management, Master of the Management of Organizations, Master of the Management of the Innovation Operations, Master of the Administration of Innovation Operations.


The Faculty Divisions

The Research  Centre for Management of Social and Economic Development of Business and Regions coordinates the research work carried out by the faculty staff.


The Faculty has a section of the Consulting Services Centre of the Business and Management Consulting University.

The centre for Cooperation of Universities of Southern Ukraine and Europe contributes to the development of international projects in Taurida National University and other Crimean higher education institutions.

There is a council on the presentation of PHD thesises..   

Areas of Research

Development of an institutional and economic mechanism for economic reconstruction of Ukrainian regions (the Crimean region is used as an example); methodological justification of the programme for entrepreneurship development in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea; ensuring of the improvement of the enterprise activity results based on the development of the human potential in the Ukrainian regions (the Crimean region is used as an example); formation of the business activities development strategies in the Crimean region; problems of the improvement of the business activities efficiency in the Crimean industrial sector.

Academic and educational relations

The Faculty actively participates in many international projects, actively cooperates with the universities of the USA, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, Finland, etc.

The Faculty has a student and research workers exchange agreement with foreign universities.