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Тhe Faculty of Management
The Department of National and Regional Government


It was established in 1999 and now is directed by Associate professor T.L. Mironova.
Teaching staff:
Associate professors: T.L. Mironova, A.I. Bashta, A.V. Vershitsky, O.P. Dobrovolskaya, K.A. Kulipanov, S.A. Matsebera, A.F. Protsay, G.Y. Kharicheva, T.S. Shandra; senior lecturers: A.I. Dikhtiar, D.V. Donskoy, G.N. Rotanov;  lecturers: A.N. Babko, A.S. Panova, M.V. Podsolonko, N.A. Polonskaya; specialist E.S. Mikhailova.
Areas of Research:

  1. Problems of regional economics and management;
  2. The current status of the Crimean potential of natural resources;
  3. Socio-ecological grounds for the sustainable development of the Crimea.

 Specialization of graduates: “Management of Organizations”, “Personnel management”, “Natural resources management”, “Information systems in management”.
Academic and educational relations:
Genoa University (Italy), Alabama Agricultural and Technological University (USA), Portuguese University, Sophia-Antipolice University (France), the Higher Economic School of St. Petersburg State University.