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The Faculty of Law
The Department of Historical Legal disciplines and Basics of Law


The Department was founded in 2002. The Head of the Department is Professor A.V.Timoshyk.

Teaching staff:

Professors: A.V. Timoshyk, S.G. Kashenko; Associate professors: B.V. Zmerzly, A.I. Prisyazhnyuk, E.N. Redkina, Yu.M. Tlyshak, V.V. Fedynov; Senior lecturers: I.E. Parshicheva, R.E. Regushevsky; lecturers: I.A. Zayez, S.A. Zaylochnaya.

Areas of research:

Actual problems of history of state and Law of foreign countries (countries of European Union, Russia, the USA, Turkey, countries of Middle East, China); actual problems of history of state and Law of Ukraine (origin of state on the territory of modern Ukraine, state system on the territory of Crimean peninsula from the ancient times till present days, development of Muslim Law in Crimea, Common Law of Crimean peoples); theoretical methodological aspects of teaching supplementary juridical subjects (Juridical deontology, Oratorical art, Communication ethics, Jurisprudence).

Academic and educational relations:

With International  Association of historians of Law, the Institute of State and Law named after V.M. Koretzky NAS of Ukraine, Kharkov National University of internal affairs, National scientific – research MIA Institute of Ukraine, Section of history of State and Law of Scientific Council of NASU Rada on fundamental juridical research coordination, International Centre of political research EU and CIS countries.
Lecturers of the Department take active part in different level scientific conferences, regional and international symposia, host the annual international conference within the International Association of historians of Law, on the results of which the publication of materials on various topics is carried out.