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Faculties and Institutes


Sevastopol Economic Humanitarian Institute


Director Voronin Igor, associate professor


Phone: +38 (0692) 93-03-52, 94-01-18

fax: +38 (0692) 24-33-86

e-mail: segitnu@rambler.ru 


The Institute is located: Lisa Chaikina st., 80 


Structural unit of the Taurida University in Sevastopol was established in 1919. The Branch of the University has functioned in Sevastopol since 1995. Sevastopol Economics and Humanities Institute of Taurida National V.Vernadsky University after was created on the basis of Sevastopol Faculty of Humanities in 2000.

The Institute provides training in the following specialties:

Physical training Physical training
Human health Human health
Management Management organization & administration
(by form economic activities)
Management of external economic activities
Psychology Psychology
Tourism Tourismology (by form)
Law -


There are prerequisite courses to prepare for independent testing and entering higher educational institutions.

Within the Institute there are six departments, a library (25 thousand copies of printed materials), educational computer center, associated with an internal server of the University and with Internet access, fitness room, massage room, as well as other support services.

The Institute conducts leading scientific research work. The Institute publishes scientific thematic journal "Humanities Almanac", which publishes research papers of both teachers and students of the Institute. It also publishes series of "Library of Tourist Industry", with over 20 issues. The Institute actively collaborates with the Regional University of Budo (Norway) in matters of social adaptation and vocational training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Since 2009, the Institute implemented a social program for retirees called "Education of the third age". As part of this program: computer literacy courses, lectures on the basics of a modern economy; work of legal clinics (free legal advice); psychological training; calisthenics courses, and conducting sightseeing trips on weekends.

In 2009 the Department of Tourism won a grant from the European Union in the field of Tourism for the program TEMPUS «Project 158739-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES-WENET» - «E-Learning-Network of distance learning in Tourism (Belarus, Georgian and Ukraine)».      


Department of TOURISM.

Department Head: PhD in Geography, associate professor VORONIN Igor.

The Department provides training in the direction of "Tourism".

 Associate professors: Agarkova-Liakh Irina (History of tourism, Environment, Regional economics, Distribution of productive forces, Marketing), Vakhrushev Igor (Food technology services, Recreational complexes), Novikova Elena (Countryology, Tourist countryology), Lukyanenko Ekaterina (Technology of Tourism, Rekrealogiya), Rusanov Igor (Regional studies), Cheglazova Maria (Advertising in tourism), senior lecturers: Voronina Anna (Standardization and certification of tourist services, Production practices), Zaslavskaya Irina (Recreational geography), Kondryakova Svetlana (Geography of Ukraine, Geography of world economy), Soldatova Svetlana (The organization of excursion services), Yurevska Elena (The international tourist business, The international tourist organizations); lecturers: Ivohina Ekaterina (International tourism, Information technology in management / tourism), Lazitskay Natalya (Technology hotel industry, Tourist resources of Ukraine).

Scientific direction of Department: Problems and prospects of development of a tourist-recreational complex of the Sevastopol region. A series of monographers «Library of tourist industry » is published by the Department. Students are sent to the CIS countries and the European Union for educational practice.   



Department Head: PhD in Economic KAPCHENKO Ruslan.

Professors: Nagorska Muza (Bases of management, Economy of the enterprise, Management of the organizations); associate professors: Bolshakov Alexander (the Concept of professional work, The organization of work of the manager), Rotanov Gennadii (Management of foreign trade activities, Innovative management, Investment management, Operational management, Situational management), Yashchenko Alla (The economic theory, Economic history, Bases of investment policy); senior lecturers: Budaev Denis (Management of the personnel, Insurance, Forecasting, Taxes and a tax policy), Zelinska Elena (Statistics).

Scientific direction of Department: Definition of system mechanisms for management by the personnel of the enterprise.




Department Head: PhD in Law EREMEEVA Natalie

The Department provides training in "Law".

Professor Rotan Vladimir (Employment law); associate professors: Bolshakova Alina (Labor law, Contract law), Mikhailov Mikhail (Forensics), Novikova Elena (History of the statehood of Ukraine, History of law of Ukraine), Pasternak Elena (Theory of the state, Legal theory, Constitutional law and process), Pashneva Victoria (State law of foreign countries, Comparative jurisdiction), Sedin Nikolay (State building and local governance); senior lecturers: Bespalov Viachislav (Criminal law, Criminal procedure), Bliznjuk Elena (Land law), Gordeeva Irina (Civil law, Business law), Fomichev Vladimir (Judicial and law enforcement bodies of Ukraine), Ekimova Zulfia (Family law, Legal clinic).

The main scientific direction in the work of the Department is: Problems of the "rule of law" in Ukraine. Practical training for students of the Department is in the judiciary, prosecution, administration of justice in the Sevastopol region.



Head: PhD in Medicine, associate professor MYAKINKOVA Margarita.

The Department provides training in "Human health" (physical rehabilitation) and "Physical education".

Professor Bukov Yuri (Fundamentals of rehabilitation); associate professors: Bonchuk Igor (Sports medicine, History of physical culture, Rehabilitation equipment), Voronin Sergey (Massage, Increase the practical skills), Galushko Natalie (Human physiology), Konovalchuk Vadim (Biomechanics, Physical rehabilitation in neurology), senior lecturers: Globenko Rimma (Introduction to the specialty), Volkova, Dinara (Gymnastics), Kalashnik Olesay (Practical training), Markina Inna (Valeologiya), Popolitov Roman (Physical training, Massage), Rossinski Constantine (Children's health), Rudakova Natalie (Physiotherapy), Schokin Denis (Theory and methods of physical education, Olympic and professional sports, Fundamentals of general theory of sports). The practical training by students of the chair is carried out in medical and rehabilitation facilities in Sevastopol.

Subject Research of the department is the study of the physiology to better understanding physical rehabilitation of the body. In addition, teachers of the chair Popolitov Roman and Rossinski Constantine in 2006 won the Grand International Charitable Foundation "KRONA" on the elaboration of the theme: "Hippotherapy as a natural factor in the rehabilitation medicine and socio-psychological rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy."        


Department of GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY Chair (branch)

Head: PhD in Psychology, associate professor SHIKHMATOVA Elena.

The Department provides training in "Psychology".

Associate Professors: Chiorny Evgeniy (Political psychology, Psychology of religion, Psychology of management), senior lectures: Lizeykina Valentine (Fundamentals psycho training, Linguistic psychotherapy, Psychology of normal behavior), Sukhomlina Galena (Psycho diagnostics, Computer psycho diagnostics, Experimental psychology), Tushintseva Ludmila (General psychology, Psychotherapy).

Students of the specialty "Psychology" receive practical training in the city center of mental health, medical and care institutions.    



Head: PhD in Political Science, associate professor BUNETSKY Leonid.

The department provides the reading of the social-humanitarian disciplines in all areas of training institute.

Professor Osadchy Yuri (Higher mathematics, Econometrics), associate professors: Bunetsky Leonid (Politics, Conflict management, Sociology, Logic), Dmitriev Vladislav (Ukraine history, Cultural studies), Naumova Nadejda (Philosophy, Ethics and Aesthetics), Savchenko Vladimir (Pedagogy), senior lecturers: Zhuk Zhana (Business Ukrainian language), Zhukova July (Foreign language professional direction), Lutsko Elena (Foreign Language), Nebylitsa Nelly (Religion), Tilk Dmitriy (Information and computer engineering), Sholeninova Irina (Business foreign language) teacher Stasyshena Liana. (German language).

Research direction of the Department: The modern liberal education in higher education: problems and prospects of development.