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The Institute of Advanced Studies


Director of the Institute is Associate professor Syedin N.A.

The Institute of Advanced Studies was organized on the basis of the Faculty of Advanced Studies of Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University in 2003.
The Faculty offers training courses for those who have their Specialist Diploma or Bachelor Degree, or Master degree in the selected field of advanced training.

Advanced studies are offered in the following specialities:
Foreign Economic Operations Management, Management of Organizations, Finances, Banking, Foreign Economic Management, Economic Cybernetics, Psychology, Physical Rehabilitation, History, Politics, Philology ( the Ukrainian, Russian, English and German languages and literature).
The work of the Institute is aimed at creating the system of life-long studies, and making quality education accessible for people from different social backgrounds.
The effective system of education upgrading at universities, organizations and enterprises both in Ukraine and abroad is organized in accordance with the principles of progressive life-long studies.

Courses are available for all comers on the following specialities:
Social worker, secretary to the manager of the company, enterprise, establishment, clerk, operator of computer typing, operator of computer page-proof.

More than 900 people study at the Faculty.

The institute graduates work in the Crimean Verkhovna Rada, The Crimean Council of Ministers, in the republican and local administrations, tax police, banks, and in the other regional state and commercial organizations of Ukraine and other countries.
Many of the Faculty graduates took post graduate studies and work as teachers and lecturers at different Crimean higher education institutions.

Institute members:
The courses are read by lecturers from different University Chairs. Among them there are 27 Professors, 113 Associate professors with Candidate of Science degrees, 29 lecturers, 25 senior lecturers.
The courses are read in accordance with the latest achievements in science and technology. The staff of the institute are highly qualified experienced professionals who teach students how to apply scientific knowledge in practice.

In the course of teaching innovation technologies are used.
Classrooms are equipped with multimedia projectors, CD, video and audio appliances, computers with access to the Internet and other information resources.

Areas of research:
Students of the Institute and the staff participate in scientific conferences, seminars and disputes. The research work is carried out in the field of advanced teaching.

Academic and educational relations:
The Institute cooperates with the educational establishments working in the field of advanced training in Ukraine and abroad, participates in international competitions and programs aimed at upgrading and retraining in different fields. Among them there is a joint Ukrainian-Norwegian project aimed at further training for former military men and their family members.