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The Faculty of Geography
The Department of Tourism


The Head of the Department

Irina Mikhailovna YAKOVENKO, Professor, Doctor of Science (Geography)
Phone: +38(0652) 60-26-40


The Department of Tourism is formed in 2006 on the basis of the Department of Economic and Social Geography due to the opening of a speciality "Tourism" in 2003.








Recreation Studies


Economics of Tourism


Culture Science

Finance, Money and Credit

Technology of Hotel Business


Accounting and Audit

Technology of Restaurant Businesses

Political Science

Management of Tourism

Organization of Tourist Services

Law Science

Marketing in Tourism

Organization of Excursion Services

Ethics and Aesthetics

Fundamentals of Scientific Research

Organization of Catering

Fundamentals of Pedagogics

Fundamentals of Insurance

Fundamentals of Psychology

Organization of Transport Service

Geography of World Economy

Technology of Tourist Activity

History of Ukraine

Geography of Ukraine

Higher Mathematics

Business Ukrainian

Study of Country

Sportis Tourism

Foreign Language

Fundamentals of Ecology

Tourist Resources of Ukraine

Physical Education

Labour Protection

Studies on Country Tourism

Excursion and Museum Studies

Fundamentals of Safety of Life Activity

Foreign language (Specialty-Oriented)

Informatics and Computers

Information Technologies in Tourism

Ethnography and Antropology

Legal Adjusting of Tourist Activity

Standardization, Certification of Tourist Services and Licensing of Tourist Activity

Psychology of Interpersonal Contacts

Pricing in Tourism

History of World Tourism

Tourist Statistics

Tourist Logistics

Fundamentals of Economic Theory

Sociology of Tourism

International Tourism

Study of Particular Region

Office Work in Tourism

Architecture and Regional Planning

Second Foreign Language of (Specialty-Oriented)

Study of Image and PR in Tourism

Advertising in Tourism

Methods of Conducting of Excursions

Tourist Cartography


For the time of existence of the speciality, the curriculum underwent some changes, constantly improving.
Standard of the Curriculum of the speciality "Tourism" (the Bachelor level) approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2003 allowed to balance quantity and the maintenance of disciplines of humanitarian and social and economic, natural-science, professional and practical preparation cycles. The given Standard displays the purposes of educational and vocational training, determines the place of the specialists in structure of the country’s economy and his competence requirements, other socially important skills and qualities. The state certification is conducted due to analysis of success in training, estimating qualities of graduates’ decision-making and the level of their abilities to solve the problem. Within the speciality, preparation of students of "Bachelor", "Specialist", "Master" level is carried out. Three specializations are introduced: 1) International Tourism; 2) Sports Tourism; 3) Tourist-Excursion Business. Simultaneously about 100 students are trained on the speciality. At the faculty, the Branch of Organizing Excursions and Tourism is formed, where preparation of guides and agents on organization of tourism is carried out. Our University is a member of Association of Workers of Scientific Establishments of Tourist and Hotel Profile.

Scientific Work

For 32 years at the departments of Tourism and Economic and Social Geography of Taurida V.I. Vernadsky National University. scientific researches in the field of Recreational Geography and Tourism are carried out. In 1974 the Scientific School of Recreational Geography under direction of I.T. Tverdokhlebov for the first time in the USSR is created, its traditions developing nowadays. 12 doctor's and master's theses were defended where actual problems of optimization of tourist-recreational process are revealed, including resource estimation of recreational territories (V.M. Shumsky, N.N. Blaga), recreational division into districts (N.S. Sakhnova), process of recreational development of territory (М.В. Kuznetsov), development of recreational agglomerations (G.A. Galukh), atlas recreational mapping and studying of problems of recreational wildlife management (I.M. Yakovenko). Research activity of students in the field of recreation and tourism is conducted in the course and degree work on specialization “Tourist-Excursion Business” and thematic sessions of student's scientific organization of Geographical Faculty.
Up to 2006 the recreation-tourist problems were a priority direction of research work of the Department of Economic and Social Geography. In 1980-1990s the scientific themes, devoted to estimation of natural-resource recreational potential of Crimea, optimization of its economic complex, to revealing of recreational loading and stages of recreational digress of mountain-wood complexes of South-Eastern Crimea, to the substantiation of functional and territorial structure of tourist concern “Big Taurian Ring” were carried out. In 2001-2006 employees of the Department fulfilled a research theme “Concept of Regional Development of Crimea in Market Conditions”. In the frame of the theme, the substantiation of actual problems of market reorganization of tourist-recreational complex in Crimea and directions of optimization of the region export-import communications in the sphere of international tourism were carried out, conditions and problems of recreational wildlife management in Crimea in view of general educational tendencies were analysed. Substantive provisions and conclusions of researches are stated in 180 articles and 3 monographies.
In 2002-2003 employees of the Department took part in the development of the first complex regional cartographical edition – the Geographical Atlas of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea which was created on the basis of unity of methodical approaches with National Atlas of Ukraine at cooperation with Institute of Geography of NAS of Ukraine. Atlas of ARC is powerful information base for solving many scientific and applied tasks connected with substantiation of concepts and programs of steady development of tourism and recreation in region, development of methods of regional policy and support of administrative decisions of state bodies in the field of tourism. At the International Cartographical Conference of Trading Association (ІМТА) in Paris (2004), Atlas of ARC won the Small gold medal, and members of editorial board Professors. B.A. Vakhrushev and. I.M. Yakovenko received the V.I. Vernadsky premium in 2005.
The staff of the Department takes an active part in the work of state and public organizations in searching the ways of effective development of tourist-recreational complex of ARC and its regions. Professor N.V. Bagrov is a member of Expert Economic Council at Ministerial Council of ARC; Associate Professor V.M. Shumsky is a member of the methodical commission at the Ministry for Resorts and Tourism of ARC; Professor. I.M. Yakovenko and Associate Professor. S.A. Karpenko were members of advisory council that together with the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of ARC offered Concept of Development of Resort Recreational and Tourist Complex of ARC up to the year of 2010. The researches of employees of the Department were used by the Research Center of Technology of Steady Development of TNU for performance of themes “Estimation of Modern Social and Economic Condition of Sivash Region ","Forecasting Model of Steady Development of Seaside Territories of Ukraine", "Regional Program of Formation of National Ecological Network in ARC", "Concept of the Program of Preservation of the Environment of ARC up to the year of 2010","Scientific Substantiation of Creation of Regional Landscape Karalarskiy Park", “Project of Organization of Territory of Kalinovskiy Landscape Park.”
Formed in 2006 at the Geographical Faculty, the Department of Tourism is aimed at creative development of the experience in scientific researches of tourist-recreational process and its regional characteristics. For 2007-2011, execution of scientific theme “Optimization of Tourist-Recreational Complex of Crimea on Principles of Steady Development” is planned. Mainstreams of researches are formation of theoretical representations of the steady development of recreational activity, revealing existential dynamics of recreational development in Crimea, estimations of efficiency of the Crimean model in the system of tourist-recreational regionalization of Ukraine, substantiation of constructive offers of balanced development of recreational areas of Crimea and rational management of tourist-recreational process. The special attention is given to creation of cadastres of resources of holiday-making and tourism in regional section, and also to complex research recreational mapping of the territory.
Employees of the Department of tourism take an active part in carrying out national and international scientific forums. In 2003-2007 they reported at II International Scientific-Practical Conference “Geographical Science and Education in Ukraine” (Kiev, 2003), All-Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Conference “National Mapping: State, Problems and Prospects of Development” (Kiev, 2003), IX Congress of Ukrainian Geographical Society (Chernovtsy, 2004), conference “V.I. Vernadsky's Heritage and Present Time” (Simferopol, 2004), conference devoted to the 70th anniversary of Geographical Faculty of Taurida National University “Geopolitics and Geographical Problems of Crimea in Multivector Measurement of Ukraine” (Simferopol, 2004).
Popularization of scientific researches of tourist-recreational direction in mass media is an important work trend of scientific personnel of the Department.


The Department of Tourism maintains close scientific contacts with leading scientists and scientific organizations of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and also other European countries, including:

  • Faculty of Regional Geography and Tourism of Kiev T,G. Shevchenko National University;
  • Kiev University of Tourism, Economy and Law;
  • The Department of Economic and Social Geography of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University;
  • Institute of Geography of NAS of Ukraine;
  • Athens University;
  • Munich Scientific Research Institute of Hydrogeology;
  • Central European Institute (Budapest);
  • Geographical Faculty of Moscow State University;
  • Geographical Faculty of St.-Petersburg State University;
  • Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Science;
  • Institute of Geography of Georgian Academy of Science.

Publications (in original languages)

For five last years the Departments of Tourism and Economic and Social Geography prepared 3 monographies and 4 scientific manuals of a specialized direction.