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Faculties and Institutes


The Faculty of Foreign Philology


The Department of German Philology

  The Head of the Department  
  PETRENKO D. A. , Associate Professor, Candidate of Philology Science  
  Phone: +38 (0652) 25-30-84
E-mail: petrenko@tnu.crimea.uа

The Department was created in July 1986. Associate Professor A. R. Lepina, Professor M. A. Naumenko, Associate Professor A. D. Petrenko headed the Department.




Every year the students and the professors of the Department take part in seminar's work of the slavists from Germany, they do a probational period one's a month in Germany (Holderberg, Timmendorfernstrandt). The Department has a branch in Kerch and Evpatoria’s gymnasium № 4 with the teaching of number of subjects in German.

Every year the professors of the Department present their reports on the conferences of different rank: international (Minsk, Moscow, Germany), republican and university conferences; make the methodical elaborations; publish the text-books and the aids.

The Department cooperates with the Goethe institute in Kyiv, with the International Service of Exchange, with the purpose of directing the students of the Department abroad. The Department supports all Ukrainian competition of the student’s scientific papers.



  • Sociophonetics. Theoretical Phonetics. (D. A. Petrenko, Associate Professor);
  • Phonostilistics. Theory of Linguistics. (O. B. Tkachenko, Professor);
  • Theoretical Grammar. (R. A. Lepina, Associate Professor. D. A. Shaligha, Senior Lecturer)
  • History of German Language. Theory and Practice of Translation. Lexicology. (L. V. Liubavina, Associate Professor)
  • Methodology of teaching of foreign languages. Methodology and organization of scientific researches. History of Linguistics. Theory of language communication (E. Sh. Isaev, Associate Professor)
  • Introduction to Germanic Linguistics. Introductory and Correctional Courses on German Phonetics. (S. E. Perepechkina, Associate Professor)
  • Practical Course of Modern German Language. Stylistic. Special Courses. (I. V. Chernysh, Senior Lecturer)
  • Practical course of modern German language. Special courses. (I. V. Sheremetieva, Senior Lecturer)
  • Practical Course of Modern German Language. Language History of German. Special Courses. (A. V. Ponomarhova, Assistant)
  • Practical Course of Modern German Language. Special Courses. (N. K. Voronzova, Assistant)
  • Practical Course of Modern German Language. Special Courses. (E. V. Korolenko, Assistant)
  • Practical course of modern German language. Special courses. (E. A. Melnichuk, Assistant)

Scientific Research


Scientists and professors of the Department elaborate the complex scientific problem "Sociolinguistic Variability in Language and Speech". The object of research is social communicative system of German language. The Department opened a modern direction of the sociolinguistics research into the subject: "Social Stratification of Modern Language in Germany at Phonetic and Phonological Level". The subject and the matters of the research are connected with the curriculum and programs of the training of Bachelors, Specialists and Masters in Philology (Germanic languages); they essentially expand the theoretical courses of Stylistics, Phonostylistics, Theoretical Phonetics, Lexicology, History of Language, Special Courses on Social Linguistics, Social Phonetics, the Normative Course of Phonetics of Modern German Language.


Academic and Educational Relations and Contacts


The Department takes part in the organization and conducting of the internationals Scientific Conferences on the methods of teaching of foreign languages with the participation of the specialists from Germany.

During many years the students from the North Rhine- Westphalia Federal Land Institute of Foreign Languages (Germany) are trained at the Department . The German National Cultural Center of Goethe Institute holds at the Department base the international seminars of teaching German language as a foreign language, the students of the Department of German philology perfect their knowledge on the seminar in Timmendorfernstrandt, Germany. Department members are involved in international “Tempus- TACIS” and “INTAS” projects and prepare foreign language textbooks for the Ukrainian and Russian students together with scholars from Universities of Kyiv, Moscow, Ekaterinbourg and Hagen (Germany).