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The Faculty of Foreign Philology

  The Dean of the Faculty  
  Alexander D. PETRENKO, Professor, Doctor of Philology Science 
  Phone: +38 (0652) 25-30-84
E-mail: aldpetrenko@ukr.ne0t

In 2009-2010 the Faculty of Foreign Philology of TNU celebrated its 65-th anniversary.


It was established on August, 25th, 1944 by the Order of Committee on Higher Education of the USSR. The first lectures began to be delivered on October, 1st, 1944. The first professors were Associate Professor A.M.Krilichevsky – a brilliant English language connoisseur, a great scientist and researcher in the field of Phraseology, the Dean of the Faculty till 1950; B.S.Yusim (English), O.K.Martsinkevich, T.A.Verdy (German), Z.I.Yurghilevich (French). Later new members of the teaching stuff started to work: A.G.Altunin, A.A.Berkovich, D.N.Kondratieva, K.I.Lanetskaya; in 1946 – T.N.Maligina and N.K.Varipayeva; in 1950 – A.I.Ishin; in 1952 – R.G.Boyarskaya. In 1948 first graduates got their diplomas.

The Departments of the Faculty ensured an excellent training of specialists in the field of Philology, and taught students at other faculties of the Institute. Though the conditions for studying were rather poor the students of the Faculty took an active part in various public activities. Their everyday life was rich and varied.

In 1968 the Faculty started to function as Faculty of Foreign Languages. The Department of German Language was established, and later – the one of the French Language.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages enjoyed good reputation in Ukraine and other republics of the former USSR. The most famous professors regularly came to train students and to share their own experience. Among them there were Z.N.Galperin, G.V.Kolshansky, Z.N.Zarubina, B.L.Cooper, N.G.Koshevaya and others.

In February, 1972 the structure of the Faculty was changed. It got the name of the Faculty of the Romance and Germanic Philology. Step by step the number of professors who had a degree and an academic rank increased. The post-graduate Department was established.

In 1999 the Faculty was renamed into the Faculty of Foreign Philology. Nowadays the Faculty is one of the numerous ones in the Tavrida National University.

Since 2002 a new speciality was introduced: “Translation in English, German, French languages”. The trainee course is delivered by 7 Professors, Doctors of Philology, 20 Associated Professors, Candidates of Philological Sciences. Experienced and highly-qualified professors work at the Faculty – Corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Philology, Professor O.B.Tkachenko; Academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Educational Establishments of Ukraine, Doctors of Philology, Professors A.I.Cherednichenko, A.D.Petrenko, M.A.Novikova, Doctor of Philology , Professors A.S.Kozlov, D.A.Berestovskaya, L.I.Prokopova; Candidates of Philological Sciences, Associated Professors E.S.Isayev, N.A.Dyakova, L.K.Zhukova, L.V.Pavlenko, R.A.Lepina, Y.S.Denisov, V.V.Silin, S.A.Skorohodko, L.V.Lubavina, V.P.Andrienko, N.A.Knyazeva, N.S.Lesova, O.N.Alexandrova, I.V.Tatarnikova, M.Y.Lukinova, G.P.Gavrisheva, E.V.Polkhovskaya, D.A.Petrenko, Skorokhodko, N.N.Kislitsina, E.N.Mazina, S.W.Perepechkina, A.N.Shimanovich and others. The Faculty keeps the best traditions, trains highly-qualified specialists.


Scientific Work


Students and the professors of the Faculty take an active part in international conferences, work on probation abroad, publish their scientific works, text-books and monographs. Annually the Faculty issues its own collection of scientific papers in “The Culture of Peoples of Prichernomorye” which contains the results of research in Germanic and Roman Philology, Hellenistics, methods of teaching in foreign languages and literature.

It is necessary to point out that the number of the most important scientific works of the professors of the Faculty were published abroad (in Hungary, Paris, etc.), and in 2003 some of them were awarded with a silver medal at the International Exhibition in Kyiv.

As part of a wide-ranged research of the variability of language and speech, the Faculty specialists maintain close relations with Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Kyiv State Liguistic University, State Universities of Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Odessa, as well as Moscow and St.Petersburg State Universities (Russia), Bilston University, Glasgo (UK) and Coventry University (UK), Pavia Rouen (Italy) and Picardie University ( France), Granada University (Spain), Willamette and Rutger Universities (the USA), Hanover University, Dresden Technical University and the North Rheine-Westphalia Federal Land Institute of Foreign Languages (Landesspracheninstitut-Nordrein-Westphalen, Germany), Lublin University (Poland).

The Faculty is developing long-term cooperation programs with a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations, cultural foundations and educational institutions in the United States, France, Germany and Greece. Every year specialists from European countries and America come to work at the Faculty.

In 1996 the scientific and methodological centre “Tavrika Library” functioning in the Faculty was opened. Annually the Faculty organizes and conducts the All-Ukrainian Competition of students` research papers in Foreign Philology.




Students of the Faculty are being trained in two specialities (two foreign languages and literature) within the bounds of the two main directions “Philology”and “Translation”. All the practical and theoretical courses are delivered in the English, French, German, Modern Greek, Spanish and Latin languages.

The graduates of the Faculty are highly-qualified specialists in the theory of the mentioned languages and have excellent command of the languages; they get thorough knowledge in linguistics, history of literature, methods of teaching foreign languages. Today the Faculty has a computer classroom and several video classrooms equipped, uses systems of satellite television and receives over 150 TV programs via direct broadcast from all over the world. There is a laboratory of spontaneous translation.

There is s Linguistic Centre, a library of foreign literature functioning in the Faculty.


Academic and Educational Relations and Contacts


The Faculty develops long-term programs of collaboration with a number of state and public organizations, Funds of Cultural Relations and Institutions of Higher Learning of the USA, France, Germany, Greece (Alliance Francaise, Goethe-Institut, the British Council). Every year a lot of foreign specialists come to train students and to share their experience with professors in staff. Foreign students (from Turkey, China, Sweden, Germany) are being trained. In order to study Modern Greek and History of Greece thoroughly the best students are sent to the Universities of Athenes, Fessaloniki, Yanniny. The Department of German Philology takes part in preparing and conducting the International Scientific Conference that deals with the problems of studying foreign languages with the assistance of specialists from German. The National German Cultural Centre – Goethe-Institut carries out international seminars dealing with the urgent problems of trainee course in German language as foreign one; annually the students of the Department of German Philology improve their knowledge participating the seminar in Timmendorfer Shtrandt (Germany) and the German Academic Service of students` exchange (DAAD). The Department collaborates with the Robert Bosh Fund in Shtutgardt, the Universites of Gaisvaldt, Geidelberg and Essen. Every year 5-6 professors take linguistic and scientific probation in these Universities.

Highly qualified specialists from France are sent to the Faculty by the French Cultural Centre, Department of the Embassy of French Republic in Ukraine. The French Cultural Centre and the Embassy of Swiss Republic in Ukraine provide the Faculty with scientific literature on the methods of teaching, periodic literature, fiction (belles-lettres) and with other text-books in French.

The Department of English Philology takes part in preparing and conducting international conferences devoted to the problems of studying foreign languages with the assistance of specialists from Great Britain and the USA. According to the results of the recent conferences scientific papers were published.

The Faculty is developing business contacts with the representatives of the British Council in Ukraine. The students regularly train on probation in Willamette University (the USA).


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