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Faculties and Institutes


The Faculty of Foreign Philology


The Department of Greek Philology

  The Head of the Department  
  Eduard Sh. ISAYEV, Associate Professor  
  Phone: +38 (0652) 25-30-84
E-mail: isayev@tnu.crimea.ua

The department was founded in May, 1992 according to the representation of the All-Union society of Soviet Greeks, Crimean society of Greeks and the governing body of Simferopol State University for training teachers of the Modern Greek language and interpreters with the aim to solve the problem of national culture revival of the Crimean Greeks, who were returning to their historical motherland after 1944 Deportation.

The first Head of the Department was Doctor of Philology, Professor A.S. Kozlov. From 1997 to 2003 a great contribution to the department development was made under the guidance of L.V. Pavlenko ,Ph.D, Associate Professor.

Since 2003 the Head of the Department is E.Sh.Isayev, Ph.D., AssociateProfessor. Since 1995 a number of subjects are delivered by lecturers from Greece, sent on an official trip by the Ministry of Education and Religion of the Republic of Greece. Two members of the staff took a postgraduate course and defended thesis.




The department supports business and cultural relations with Kapodistria University of Athens, Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Yannina University, Shevchenko Kiev National University and Lomonosov Moscow State University, where leading specialists in the field of neohellenistic studies work. Due to the active assistance of Greek state and public organizations and universities, an original library has been set up at the department. It comprises literature on methods of teaching, scientific and belles-letters books in Greek. From15 to 20 students and lecturers of the Department every year go to Greece to participate in summer cultural and educational programmes financed by the Greek state. Besides, the lecturers have an opportunity to improve their professional skills and do some scientific researches in the Universities of the Republic of Greece due to the wide range of scholarships. Because of the unique character of the department and the absence (until 1996 ) of similar departments in the CIS, the staff, being assisted by specialists and scientists from Kiev and Moscow universities, has prepared 16 theoretical, practical and special courses, 8 manuals, 5 of which have been published in numerous copies and are used as manuals in the universities of Ukraine and Russia. Much work is being done now to prepare educational materials on methods of teaching in different aspects of teaching the Modern Greek language as a chief subject. "Taurika library" Scientific and Methodological Centre has started its activities since 1996 under the guidance of the Department. Due to the financing of Greek Alexander S. Onasis Public Fund in 1997-1999 and the grant of the Crimean Brand of "Vidrodznennya" Fund, teachers of the Modern Greek language of Crimean schools got an opportunity to improve their qualifications at the workshops of the Centre.



  • History of the Greek Language. Theory of Grammar of the Greek Language (L.V. Pavlenko, Associate Professor);
  • Methodology and Organization of Scientific Research. History of Linguistic Studies. Basics of the Theory of Linguistic Communication (E.Sh. Isayev , Associate Professor);
  • Theory of  Literature. History of Greek Literature. Introduction to Special Philology (O.N. Alexandrova, Associate Professor);
  • Practical Course of English language (M.V.Norets, Associate Professor);
  • Theory of Phonetics of the Greek Language. Cultural Studies of Greece and Cyprus.  Practical Course of Modern Greek (S.A. Lazaridi, senior lecturer);
  • Lexicology of the Greek Language. Practical Course of Modern Greek (L.S. Banakh, senior lecturer);
  • Practical Course of Modern Greek (A.K. Georgiadi, lecturer);
  • Practical Course of Modern Greek (E.V. Anastasiadi, lecturer);
  • Practical Course of English language (S.V. Andruxina,  lecturer).

Research Work


The scientists and lecturers of the department are working up the complex scientific subject "The Problems of Ancient and Modern Philology".

The scientific researches of the following subjects are made by the department: Modern Foreign Literary Criticism, Comparative Linguistics and Literary Studies, Literature of Greeks of the Northern Black Sea area. Postgraduate students are trained in accordance with the mentioned problems. The staff of the Department takes part in different regional, republic and international conferences in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Moscow, Minsk, Athens and Phessaloniki and other scientific centres. Three international scientific and practical conferences have been organized by the department.