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The Faculty of Crimean-Tartar and Oriental Philology


The Department of Crimean-Tartar Literature

  The Head of the Department  
  Shevket Elvisovich YUNUSOV , Assosiate Professor, Cand.Phil.Sci.  
  Phone:(0652) 51-60-06, 51-60-16
E-mail: yunusov@tnu.crimea.ua

The Department of Crimean-Tartar Literature as separate educational division of the University began working in 1992. The first Head of the Department was Assosiate Professor J. B. Bekirov, since 1999 it has been headed by Assosiate Professor S.E. Yunusov, Cand.Phil.Sci.


General Information


Specialists of Crimean-Tartar Literature work at the Department. For the last few years at the Department tree master's theses (S.E.Yunusov, T.B.Useinov? A.A.Jemsleva) have been defended. Employees of the Department have published 230 scientific works. Classes are provided with educational, methodical literature and fiction in the Crimean-tatar language.


Faculty Members
  • Useinov Timur Bekirovich – Cand.Phil.Sci., Assosiate Professor;
  • Kokieva Aishe – Senior Teacher;
  • Seitvanieva Gulnar Yusufovna – Assistant;
  • Kharakhady Amet Memedovich – Assistant;
  • Panova Zenure Seiranovna – Assistant;
  • Kurtuerov Enver Emiruseinovich – Assistant;
  • Suleimanova Jemile Nurievna – Assistant.



  • Introduction into Literary Criticism (S.E. Yunusov, Assosiate Professor);

  • History of Crimean-Tartar Literature (T.B. Useinov, Assosiate Professor);

  • History of Crimean-Tartar Literature (A.F. Kokieva, Senior Teacher);

  • History of Crimean-Tartar Literature (J.N. Suleimanova, Assistant);

  • History of Crimean-Tartar Literatures (G.Y. Seitvanieva, Assistant);

  • History of Crimean-Tartar Literatures (A.M. Kharakhady, Assistant);

  • History of Crimean-Tartar Foreign Literature (E.E. Kurtumerov, Assistant);

  • Techniques of Teaching of Crimean-Tartar Literature (Suleimanova J. N., Assistant);

  • Practical Work on Crimean-Tartar Literature (Z.S. Panova, Assistant);

  • Theory of Literature (S.E. Yunusov, Assosiate Professor);

  • Principles and Methods of the Analysis of Works of Art (S.E. Yunusov, Assosiate Professor);

  • Techniques of Teaching of Literature in High School (T.B. Useinov, Assosiate Professor);

  • Theory and Practice of Translation (J. N.Suleimanova, Assistant);

  • Special Courses, Special Seminars.


Scientific Work


The Department conducts preliminary historico-literary development to create a complete picture of history of Crimean-Tartar literature; studies Crimean-Tartar folklore; develops literary terminology.




The Department works on creation of textbooks and manuals, methodical recommendations for secondary schools and classes with Crimean-Tartar language of training and for higher schools. In 1998-2002, the International Fund “Vozrozhdenie” ("Revival") supported the following projects: "History of Crimean-Tartar Literatures" for 8, 9, 10 classes, "Reader on Medieval Literature", "Crimean-Tartar Emigrant Literature", made by Faculty members, and also the monography of Assosiate Professor. S.E. Yunusov "Crimean-Tartar Poetry of 1920s: Traditional Outlook and Changing World" which were supported by "American Council of Scientific Communities " (Simferopol, 2004).

The full list of packages of the educational-methodical complex on each discipline is made by the Department of Crimean-Tartar Literature. Now the the Department is engaged in development of the corresponding documentation with a view of the further introduction of Bolognia Agreement.


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