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Inter-University Departments
The Department of Safety of Human Vital Activity


The Head of the Department

Nikolay N. Nikitin, Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Science.


The Department was started as a Civil Defense course in 1951 at Simferopol M.F.Frunze Pedagogic Institute. In 1971 it was reorganized into the Department of Civil Defense and Medical Nurse Training. In 2000 it was given its present name.

Graduates Profile

Profile of graduates - younger medical worker (in peace time they can work in health-preventive establishments and also can teach bases of sanitary knowledge at school; and in wartime and at extreme situations they can render the first medical aid to patients and victims). Graduates are prepared to protect the population from consequences of extreme situations and possess skills of safeguarding in everyday life.
The priority area is  forming right social position of personality regarding personal safety, motivation of its safe behavior in every day life, at work and other spheres of life. Graduates may provide directions to civil defense units and rescue operations; they have knowledge and skills required to provide the first medical aid in emergencies and can perform all medical instructions and treatments directed at sick  people and victims.


  • Bases of Personal and Social Safety (Associate Professor N.N.Nikitin);
  • Paramedical Aid in Life Threatening Conditions Resulting from Traumas and Accidents (Associate Professor A.I.Miroshnichenko);
  • Paramedical Aid in Life Threatening Conditions Resulting from Infectious Diseases; Preventive Health Care of Children (Associate Professor A.P.Gunner);
  • Paramedical Aid in Life Threatening Conditions Resulting from Somatic Diseases and Poisoning (senior lecturer N.N.Skoromnaya);
  • Paramedical Aid in Life Threatening Conditions Resulting from Traumas and Accidents  (senior lecturer O.F.Bubnova);
  • Civil Defense (senior lecturer V.M.Gorovets);
  • Labour Protection (assistant Yu.P.Ustinov);
  • Life Safety in Emergency Situations(Associate Professor I.V.Belousov);
  • Fundamentals of Environmental Protection (assistant E.V. Gosteva)


Core courses: Life Safety, Basics of Labour  Protection and Civil Defense, Basics of Medical Knowledge and Children and Youth Health Defense.

Educational units: Life safety room, infectious diseases room, care for sick people room, medical aid in traumatic conditions room.

On the basis of the Department  of Life Safety the Ministry of Education in Ukraine annually hosts training of specialists from Crimean educational establishments of 3rd and 4th accreditation levels. It also checks knowledge of laws and normative acts on labour protection and life safety.

Scientific Work
Areas of research:

  • examining health of university students;
  • developing methods to improve life safety in everyday circumstances;
  •  improving efficiency of labour and life safety training for future specialists.


Academic and educational relations are maintained with Crimean Medical University, Crimean Agrarian University, Crimean Construction Academy, General Directorate for Civil Defense and Emergencies at the Crimean Council of Ministers, Kharkov Medical Academy, Cardiologic Center in Moscow, International Academy of Management in Moscow.