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Department of Foreign Languages for Natural Sciences Faculties

  The Head of the Department  
  Darya S. Borodina, candidate of Philology, associate Professor  
  Tel.: (0652) 60-85-91, 60-85-89    
  Our history  

Department of Foreign Languages for faculties of natural sciences was founded in 2008. Darya S. Borodina was appointed head of the department in 2009.

  General information  

English, German, French and Spanish for all faculties of natural sciences are taught by the lecturers of the department. Every year we hold scientific conferences where students report in foreign languages. We recently have established links with some international Universities and our staff members have got an opportunity to have their professional development and post graduate education overseas. Seven candidates of Philology are currently working at our department.

A few years ago we established educational centre which provides additional language courses for students, postgraduates and University staff members. The centre supplies additional services in translation and interpreting for Simferopol community.

Every year our department holds entrance exams to postgraduate course for postgraduates, competitors and probationers.

  Staff members  

Adalaida V. Borodina – senior doctorate

Darya S. Borodina – associate Professor

Oksana A. Vasilyeva– associate Professor

Aleftina T. Kozlova – associate Professor

Veronika Y. Elyina – associate Professor

Anna V. Karpenko – associate Professor

Oksana V. Yermolenko - associate Professor

Natalya P. Anokhina – lecturer

Irena N. Bagno - lecturer

Irena A. Borzova - lecturer

Natalya V. Arbuzova - lecturer

Larisa V. Brudik -senior lecturer

Inessa S. Vasilchenko-senior lecturer

Galina N. Veligodskaya- lecturer

Svetlana P. Yegorova- lecturer

Elena P. Yefremova-senior lecturer

Olga V. Kaluzhina- lecturer

Olga M. Kisterskaya- lecturer

Natalya A. Kosyak-senior lecturer

Margarita N. Mikolaychik- lecturer

Taesiya V. Olhovskaya-senior lecturer

Marina U. Molchan - lecturer

Musa V. Platonova- methodist

Anna Y. Makeyeva- lecturer

Natalya I. Radochina-senior lecturer

Natalya S. Strembitskaya-senior lecturer

Olga I. Philipchenko- lecturer

Mariya A. Shevchuk-Chernogorodova- lecturer

Olesya G. Chernyavskaya- lecturer

Ludmila Y. Yunosheva-senior lecturer

Svetlana I. Yarmolenko-senior lecturer

Oksana V. Isaeva- senior lecturer

  Disciplines we teach    

  • Practical course of English Practical course of German (Inessa S. Vasilchenko, Ludmila Y. Yunesheva)
  • Practical course of French (Anna V. Karpenko, Mariya A Shevchuk-Chernogorodova, Anna V. Platonova)
  • Practical course of Spanish (Natalya A. Kosyak)


The methodical center

The methodical center was founded in 2004. Musa V. Platonova is the head of the center. The methodological center includes a splendid collection of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, films, audio and video materials. TNU students, postgraduates and staff members use it to prepare for classes, conferences, exams and research.


Scientific research

Professors and staff members of the department research complex scientific theme: “Terminology. Science Languages. Development of Scientific Linguistic Problems”. Scientific advisor: Senior doctorate Adalaida V. Borodina. Staff members who implement this project: N.I. Radochina, L.Y. Yunesheva, I.S. Vasilchenko, L.V. Brudik and others.