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The Department of Physical Training

  The Head of the Department  
  Vasily Vasilevich Shishlakov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Science  
  Phone: (0652) 60-80-88  
  Realization of physical training process with students of 1-st – 5-th years  

1. Generally physical training on the following specializations:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Athleticism
  • Table Tennis
  • Aerobics
  • Modern Dance

2. Work with students assigned to specialized medical group.

3. Work with students, freed from the practical lessons.


Staff of department

  • Shishlakov Vasily Vasilevich, the Head of the Department, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Science

  • Semin Valerii Ivanovich, Reader, Honored worker of education, ARC

  • Kasuanov Vladimir Yakovlevich, senor teacher, Honored worker of education, Ukraine, the deaf-Olympic games champion in 2005

  • Dergilev Sergei Ltonidovich, senior teacher

  • Teterua Taisiya Alexandrovna, senior teacher, Master of sport

  • Rodina Irina Stepanovna, senior teacher

  • Morozov Anatolii Yakovlevich, senior teacher, Master of sport

  • Orokhovskaua Ekaterina Alexeevna, senior teacher

  • Liskonog Liliua Vasilevna, senior teacher

  • Dildin Oleg Ivanovich, senior teacher

  • Uryupina Irina Vasilevna, senior teacher

  • Chuprov Alexander Andreevich, senior teacher

  • Osking Yurii Petrovich, senior teacher

  • Shevelev Pavel Alexandrovich, senior teacher

  • Shevchenki Alla Nikolaevna, senior teacher

  • Akhmadulin Farid Marsovich, senior teacher

  • Akhmadulina Elena Yeorgievna, senior teacher

  • Kotaridi Yeorgii Panayotovich, senior teacher

  • Lalakidi Olga Yeorgievna, senior teacher

  • Safronov Sergei Pavlovich, senior teacher

  • Starostin Anatolii Yeorievich, senior teacher

  • Fattakhov Farid Bodardinovich, teacher

  • Veselov Dmitrii Viktorovich, teacher


Scientific work


The direction of the scientific researchers: the development and improvement of new methods of medical – methodic observations in the lessons on the physical educated with student of 1st – 5th years, improvement of studies carrying out in students groups of different directions of training and specializations, the organization of students independent active motive activities.


Educational work


The basic educational course of the Department is the physical training with students of the 1st – 5th years of 15 faculties of TNU. The department carries out the work on students affraction to regular physical training and sport, on increase of sports skill, involving in competition and sport-healts-improvement activity systematical realized work on improvement the level of the theoretical and methodic preparation of the Department teachers, the organization, of the educational process and optimal the use of the material and technical base of the department directed to the rise of students TNU physical training level, their active participation in the health-improvement physical-mass and sport work with the purpose of the personal physical improvement


Published work


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