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Faculties and Institutes


The Faculty of Biology


The Department of Zoology

  The Head of the Department  
  Michael V. YURAKHNO, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences  
  Phone: (0652) 60-81-65
E-mail: yurakhno@mail.ru

The Department of Zoology is one of the oldest in the University: it was established in 1918. It was directed in 1918-1921 by Professor E.A. Meyer, entomologist, and Academician P.P. Sushkin, world-famous ornithologist (and also a well-known anatomist, paleontologist, lepidopterist);


in 1922-1932 by Professor I.I. Puzanov (zoologist with the wide area of expertise, zoogeographer and expert in Crimean fauna); in 1932-1949 by Professor V.M. Borovsky (specialist in comparative psychology and reflexology, psychic activity of animals and instinct-related issues); in 1949-1980 by Professor S.L. Delyamure (prominent researcher of helminths of marine mammals); in 1980-1987 by Professor A.S. Skryabin (outstanding expert in helminths of cetaceans and one of the founders of the Zoological Museum of the University). Since 1988 the Department is headed by Professor M.V. Yurakhno.

The most significant scientific success was achieved under the direction of Professor S.L. Delyamure. The Department has become the world-recognized center in studies of helminths of marine mammals. Scientists of the Department participated in 62 expeditions, some of which in remote areas of Arctic and Antarctic regions, and collected unique scientific and museum material. Over 200 papers, including 9 monographs, have been published.


Faculty Members


Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences, M. V. Yurakhno.
Associate Professors: Dr. A.I. Miroshnichenko, Dr. A.A. Stryukov, Dr. S.V. Leonov, Dr. N.M. Kovblyuk.
Assistants: Dr. P.E. Gol’din, V.V. Soloviev, V.N. Podoprigora, D.B. Startsev.


Areas of Research

Scientific studies are conducted in two directions:

  • Research of helminths of marine mammals of the World Ocean.
    Morphology, faunas, zoogeography, phylogeny, population biology of all groups of helminths, parasitizing on pinnipeds and cetaceans, and regulation of parasite-host relations (performed by: Professor M.V.Yurakhno, Associate Professor A.A. Stryukov, Assistant V.V.Soloviev).

  • Research of Crimean fauna (including parasitic animals).
    Special attention is focused on study of the following groups: parasites of fishes (Associate Professor A.I. Miroshnichenko), land mollusks (Associate Professor S.V. Leonov), fauna, taxonomy and ecology of spiders of Crimea, Southern Ukraine and Caucasus, systematic biology of some spider families in Palearctic (Amaurobiidae; Dysderidae; Gnaphosidae; Thomisidae; Zoropsidae etc); biology and life cycles of some species of practical significance; statistics of spider bites (Latrodectus tredecimguttatus; Cheiracanthium spp.) (Associate Professor N.M. Kovblyuk), morphology, life history and ecology of cetaceans (Assistant P.E. Gol’din), fishes of enclosed basins (Assistant V.N. Podoprigora).




  • Zoology of Invertebrates. General Parasitology (M.V. Yurakhno, Professor);

  • Zoology of Vertebrates. Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates. (S.V. Leonov, Associate Professor);

  • Basics in Zoological Research (S.V. Leonov, Associate Professor);

  • Technique of School Experiment. General Ichthyology (A.I. Miroshnichenko, Associate Professor);

  • Computers in Zoology (S.V. Leonov, Associate Professor );

  • Hunting Management. Basics in Taxidermy. Museum Studies (A.A. Stryukov, Associate Professor);

  • Basics in Zoological Systematics and Nomenclature. Zoogeography (N.M. Kovblyuk, Associate Professor);

  • Population Biology. Basics in Animal Morphology and Morphometry  (P.E. Goldin, Assistant);

  • Ethology of Animals. General Hydrobiology (V.N. Podoprigora, Assistant);

  • Fauna of Crimea (V.V. Soloviev, Assistant);

  • General Paleontology (D.B. Startsev, Assistant).