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The Faculty of Biology


The Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Biophysics

  The Head of the Department  
  Yelena N. CHUYAN,Professor, Dr.Sci.Biol.  
  Phone: +38 (0652) 60-86-05, 63-75-56
E-mail: timur@crimea.edu

For several decades (1918-1961) Anatomy, Physiology and other disciplines were in structure of educational process of the Department of Zoology where the study of Anatomy and Physiology was organized.


In 1961 the new Department of Anatomy and Human and Animal Physiology as independent structural division of Natural-Geographical Department was formed. In 1962-1969, the head of this Department was Candidate of Medical Science, Associate Professor D.D. Shelepa.

In connection with reorganization of the Teacher's Institute into the University in 1971, there were appreciable changes in the activity of the Department. The head of the Department of Anatomy and Human and Animal Physiology became the Doctor of Medical Science, Professor V.A. Tkachuk.

At the end of 1960s – in the beginning of 1970s Professor V.V. Pavlov, Doctor of Medical Science V.I. Elkin, Doctor of Medical Science A.M. Efimenko, Associate Professors A.G. Solovykh, V.N. Konovalchuk, assistants N.A. Temuriants, V.G. Sidyakin, V.V. Baranov, L.N. Treshcheva, V.S. Demesheva worked at the Department.

In 1973 Professor A.M. Stashkov, Dr.Sci.Biol., began to work who supervised over the Department from 1975 to 1991. In 1974-1975 educational laboratories of anatomy, histology, physiology, biology of individual development, biophysics, small and big practical works, etc. were organized.

In view of prospects of development of the Department the measures were taken to prepare young lecturers with scientific degrees through postgraduate study on the basis of leading institutes and high schools of the country. Most promising graduates finished postgraduate study and defended master's theses: V.G. Sidyakin, S.A. Panova, I.I. Korenyuk, L.D. Lesova, V.V. Baranov, S.I. Bazhenov. Theses for doctor's degree defended: N.A. Temuriants, I.I. Korenyuk, V.G. Sidyakin. In 2004, Ye.N. Chuyan and V.B. Pavlenko defended theses for a doctor's degree.

For the period of 2003-2005 eight theses for a candidate’s degree and two for a doctor's degree were defended by the employees of the Department. From 1991 to 2005 the Head of the Department was Professor V.G. Sidyakin, Dr.Sci.Biol., Academician of the International Academy of Science. Since 2005 Professor Ye.N. Chuyan, Dr.Sci.Biol., has been the Head of the Department In 2007 the Center of Correction of Human Functional State was opened. Among the chief aims of the Center are scientific, research, educational and health-improving activities on diagnostcs and correction of human functional state. At present there are 4 Doctors of Biological Science, Professors (Ye.N. Chuyan, N.N. Temuriants, I.I. Korenyuk, V.B. Pavlenko), 10 Candidates of Science, among them 4 Associate Professors (S.A. Panova, V.M. Yefimova, A.V. Kirillova, A.V. Yantsev), 3 senior teachers, Candidates of Biological Science (D.R. Khusainov, E.R. Jeldubaeva, T. V. Gamma).




The Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Biophysics prepares specialists – biologists, specializing on human and animal physiology, of the following qualifying levels: Bachelor (4 years), Specialist (5 years), Master (5 years).

In 2007 a speciality "Medical Biophysics" was opened. Those who have basic medical education are admitted to the entrance examination. The study is conducted by accelerated program (Bachelors - for 3 years, Specialist, Masters - for 1 year).


Faculty Members

Chuyan, Yelena Nikolaevna
the Head of the Department, Dr.Sci.Biol., Professor, Director of the Center of Correction of Human Functional State
Temuriants, Natalia Armenakovna
Dr.Sci.Biol., Professor, the Head of the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Physiology and Biophysics
Korenyuk, Ivan Ivanovich
Dr.Sci.Biol., Professor, the Head of the Laboratory of Researches of Neural Activity
Pavlenko, Vladimir Borisovich
Dr.Sci.Biol., Professor, the Head of the Laboratory of Neuroetology
Panova, Svetlana Alekseevna
Cand.Biol.Sci., Associate Professor
Kirillova, Alla Viktorovna
Cand.Biol.Sci., Associate Professor
Yantsev, Alexander Viktorovich
Cand.Biol.Sci., Associate Professor
Khusainov, Denis Rashidovich
Cand.Biol.Sci., Senior Teacher

Ravaeva, Marina Yurievna
Cand.Biol.Sci., Associate Professor

Gamma, Tatiana Victorovna
Cand.Biol.Sci., Senior Teacher
Jeldubaeva, Elvisa Rashidovna
Cand.Biol.Sci., Senior Teacher
Gubanova, Galina Sergeevna
the Head of the Laboratory
Gogoleva, Olga Alexandrovna
the Head of the Vivarium
Rybnikova, Ludmila Andreevna
leading specialist
Nikiforov, Ivan Rostislavovich
senior laboratory assistant
Ivanova, Lubov Fedorovna
senior laboratory assistant
Nagorskaya Maria Victorovna



The preparation of specialists and masters is provided on general and special disciplines:

  • Human and Animal Physiology. Radiobiology. Physiology of Visceral Systems. Physiology of Blood. Biophysics of Blood. Effects of Weak Influences. Student Scientific Seminar (Ye.N. Chuyan, Professor).
  • Neuroethology. Psychophysiology. Electrophysiology. System Analysis of Behaviour (V.B. Pavlenko, Professor).
  • Histology. Physiology of blood. Physiology of Endocrine Glands. Ecological Physiology. Physiology of Adaptable Processes. Homeostasis (N.A. Temuriants, Professor).
  • Physiology of the Central Nervous System. Physiology of Analyzers. Biophysics of Sensor Systems. (I.I. Korenyuk, Professor).
  • Anatomy. Biology of Individual Development (E. R. Jeldubaeva, Senior Teacher).
  • Physiology of Labour Processes. Anthropology. Bases of Ergonomics. Pathological Human Physiology. Age Physiology (S.A. Panova, Associate Professor).
  • Physiology of Vegetative Nervous System. Mathematical Methods in Biology. Statistics in Scientific Work. Physiology of Neuron. Bases of Vegetative Regulation of Functions (A.V. Yantsev, Associate Professor).
  • Physiology of the Higher Nervous Activity. Age Physiology. Anatomy. Selected Chapters of History of Physiology (A.V. Kirillova, Associate Professor).
  • Biophysics. Biophysics of Neural Networks. Modern Problems of Biophysics. Biophysics of Membranes. Biophysics of Macromolecules. Biophysics of Excitable Fabrics. Information Interaction of Cells. Biophysical Bases of Functioning of Ionic Channels. Regulation of Functions of Complex Systems. Mechanisms of the Intercellular Communications. Biophysical Bases of Regulation of Complex Systems (D.R. Khusainov, Cand.Biol.Sci., Senior Teacher).
  • Big Special Practice (V.B. Pavlenko, Professor, I.I. Korenyuk, Professor, S.A. Panova, Associate Professor, A.V. Kirillova, Associate Professor, D.R. Khusainov, Cand.Biol.Sci., Senior Teacher).
  • Biophysics. Human and Animal Physiology. (T.V. Gamma, Senior Teacher).
  • Bases of Diagnostics of Functional State of Organism. Physiotherapy. Medical Biophysics (M.Yu. Ravaeva, Assistant).



Department develops new textbooks, educational and methodical manuals on disciplines studied. For the last 5 years the staff of the Department has published more than 10 educational and methodical manuals. Methodical work is supported by improvement of professional skills of the employees of the Department by specializations and training in profile high schools, branch scientific research institutes of Ukraine.

At the Department progressive forms of control of students’ knowledge according to credit-modular system of training are applied: tests, problem tasks, modular forms of the control of knowledge, programs for computer training and control. Department library (more than 800 books), including electronic library (more than 600 sources), is created, so that students are provided in full with textbooks, methodical manuals published by leading experts of the country and abroad. The educational literature was published, as a rule, last 5-10 years and reflects modern condition of physiology and biophysics.

During training at the Department students receive modern knowledge on basic branches of Human and Animal Physiology and Biophysics. Specialization is conducted traditionally by lecturing on specialization disciplines, carrying out big practical work, seminars, field practice, performance course, diploma and master works. The material base of the Department allows the student to carry out training of practical skills in various areas of physiology and biophysics.

In connection with passing an act about the humane handling with laboratory animals, on practical works alternative methods of teaching are inculcated and widely used.

There are educational and research laboratories at the Department: of electromagnetic physiology and biophysics (the heads – Professors N.A. Temuriants, and Ye.N. Chuyan), researches of neural activity (the head – Professor I.I. Korenyuk), neuroethology (the head – Professor V.B. Pavlenko), equipped with the modern equipment. Apparatus (electroencephalographs, electrocardiographs, generators, myographs, light and luminescent microscopes, spectrophotometers, polygraph and other equipment) and experimental installations are available at the Department, majority of which was assembled by hands of the employees, provide an opportunity of mastering modern methods of research in physiology and biophysics.

Personal computers available in laboratories allow the students to conduct automated measurements of physiological and biophysical researches (processing of analog signals and digital experimental data, supply with information).

There is a vivarium at the Department (the head – O.A.Gogoleva) in which laboratory animals for carrying out educational and scientific experimental researches are contained. For years of existence of the Department, all necessary conditions for preparation of specialists and masters have been created. It has traditionally high level of teaching, laboratory-experimental base and experts who possess modern methods of physiological and biophysical researches, mathematical statistics, computer modeling in biology, diagnostics and corrections of functional condition of humans and animals. For the last ten years the Department has graduated more than 300 specialists and masters, many of them have defended master's theses and work in TNU, other high schools and scientific research institutes of Ukraine, or became excellent school teachers.

The highly skilled subsidiary personnel participates in maintenance of educational process. We want to give a special tribute to laboratory manager G.S. Gubanova, senior laboratory manager L.F. Ivanovs, specialists L.A. Ribnilova. Some of them work at the Department for more than 30 years.


Scientific Work


Research work of the Department is conducted according to coordination plans of the Ministry for Education and Science of Ukraine on a complex theme "Physiological and biophysical mechanisms of correction of the unfavorable functional states", including basic scientific directions

  • Influence of AMY КВЧ on microcirculator processes;
  • Study of electromagnetic fields role of natural origin in the processes of organisms vital functions of different systematic position;
  • Analysis of neurophysiological mechanisms of influence of social and ecological factors on development of child with the purpose of correction of unfavorable neurophysiological states;
  • Physiological and biophysical effects and possible mechanisms of bioactive matters action.

During three decades the Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Biophysics deals with research problems of nervous, immune and endocrine mechanisms of action of physical (nonionizing radiations), chemical (new synthetic glycopeptids, derivatives of coumarin, bicyclical bioureas, benzimidazole, salicylic acid, blocker of endogenous morphines) and other environment factors. The Department is leading structural division in Crimea which represents widely known Simferopol scientific school of electromagnetic biology, electrophysiology and neurophysiology, known for the works far outside the CIS. It makes publications in prestigious magazines, publishes monographies which have received awards of Exhibition of the USSR, State Award of ARC, V.I. Vernadskiy Award, participates in performance of the International projects (for example, Copernicus, etc.) Numerous conferences and symposiums, international conferences and seminars with participation of scientists of the Department are conducted on a regular basis in Crimea under aegis of TNU ("Space and Biosphere", "Pressing Questions of Innovative Activity", "Innovative Technologies of Training"), The Department has membership in the largest scientific organizations (European and American bioelectromagnetic societies, International biometeorological society, International union on research insufficiently explored factors of environment, Ukrainian Biophysical, Ukrainian Physiologic Societies, Ukrainian Society of Cellular Physiology, etc.), patents for inventions, pupils who work in numerous high schools and scientific research institute, post-graduate students and the students participating in performance of researches.

Four research laboratories: Electromagnetic Physiology and Biophysics; Researches of Neurone Activity; Neuroethology work at the Department. The students specializing at the Department, participate in experimental work, conduct active scientific work on Physiology, Biophysics, Age Physiology and Valeology and defend their course, degree and Master’s works using the materials of researches. They successfully participate in student's and youth conferences, student's scientific seminars.

There is day-time and correspondence postgraduate study at the Department: 03.00.13 – "Human and Animal Physiology" and 03.00.02 - "Biophysics", and also doctoral studies. They prepared more than 40 candidates of sciences, 4 doctors of sciences. The specialized academic council K 52.051.04 on defense of dissertations for a scientific degree of Cand.Biol.Sci. on specialities: 03.00.13 - " Human and Animal Physiology " and 03.00.02 - "Biophysics" functions at the Department




Scientific and educational contacts: with Kiev National University, Dniepropetrovsk, Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkiv Universities, Bogomolets Institute of Physiology of NASU, Sechenov Institute of Physical Methods of Treatment and Climatology (Yalta), Crimean Medical University, Institute of Technical Mechanics of NANU, Institute of Nephrology of Medical Science Academy, Crimean astrophysical observatory of NANU. International contacts: with Moscow State University, St.-Petersburg State University, Pushchino Centre of Science of the Russian Academy of Science, Rome University, IZMIRAN, Institute of Space Researches, European and American Bioelectromagnetic Societies, international connections are set with Sweden (Upsala university) and Germany (Heidelberg university).




For last years more than 200 works are published, including a number of monographies and manuals. The majority of developments of the Department are protected by copyright certificates on inventions and patents. A number of works of the Department has the important practical value for medicine and animal husbandry. At the Department the scientific magazine "Precedings of Taurida V.I. Vernadskiy National University (series "Biology/Chemistry)" is published on a regular basis.