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The Faculty of Biology
The Department of Botany


The Head of the Department

Sergey Fedorovich KOTOV, Associate Professor, Cand.Biol.Sci.
Phone:+38 (0652) 60-85-05, 60-82-50
E-mail: sfktv@ukr.net

The Department was established simultaneously with opening of Taurida University in 1918. The Department was organized by one of the founders of the University, the first dean of Physical and Mathematical Faculty, Corresponding Member of St. Petersburg Academy of Science Professor N.I. Kuznetsov, who set up the Laboratory of Plants Morphology and Anatomy, and Academician of St. Petersburg Academy of Science Professor V.I. Palladin, who set up the Laboratory of Plants Physiology and Microbiology. The Botanical Study was opened on the basis of these labs and later transformed into the Department of Botany. The activity of Department is connected with the names of such known botanists as G.F. Morozov, E.V. Vulf, N.A. Troitsky, M.S. Shalyt, V.N. Golubev who in different years managed Department or read lectures here.

Graduates Profile: the biologists specializing in Botany. Graduates of Department are prepared for pedagogical work in educational institutions, to researches in the field of Plant Ecology, Geobotany, Botanical Resources, Protection of Flora. In 2006 the speciality "Landscape-Gardening Facilities" opened at the Department.


  • Geobotany. Dendrology and Fundamentals of Forestry (V.G. Mishnev, Professor);
  • Botany. Systematization of the Higher Plants. Mathematical Methods in Botany. Anthropogenous Vegetation. (S.F. Kotov, Associate Professor);
  • Anatomy and Morphology of Plants. Plant Ecology. Ecological Anatomy of Plants. Evolutionary Morphology of Plants. (E.G. Biryuleva, Associate Professor);
  • Populational Plant Ecology. Science on Steppes and Meadows. Flora and Vegetation of Crimea. (L.P. Vakhrusheva, Associate Professor);
  • Embryology of Plants. Ultrastructure of Plant Tissues (N.Y. Lysyakova, Associate Professor);
  • Wildlife Management. Fundamentals of Phytopathology. Labour Safety in Biology. (I.B. Prosyannikova, Associate Professor);
  • Dendrology. Decorative Floriculture. Landscape Gardening Art (V.V. Leonov, Senior Teacher);
  • Geography of Plants. History of Biology. (A.I. Repetskaya, Associate Professor).
  • Introduction of Plants. Design of Meadows. Vegetation of Earth. (S.N. Zhaldak,  Senior Teacher);
  • Forestry. Wild Useful Plants of Crimea. Science of Plant's Resources. (N.O.Simagina, Senior Teacher);
  • Virology. Biotechnology. Plant's Design of Interiors (I.A.Bugara, Senior Teacher).

Areas of Research

In the frames of complex theme, the main aspects of the Department’s research are:

  • recreation of beech and oak woods in the Crimea;
  • structure of halophyte vegetation communities in the Crimea;
  • anthropogenic influence on flora and vegetation;
  • study of populations of rare and endangered plants;
  • study of illnesses of wild-growing and cultural plants.

The Department offers postgraduate programs. There is a Herbarium at the Department.
During 5 last years the employees of the Department published about 150 scientific works on the basic directions of researches.


Academic and Educational Relations are maintained with Shevchenko Kiev National University, Dnepropetrovsk National University, the NASU Institute of Botany, Nikitskiy Botanic Garden, the Institute of Ethereal Oil and Medicinal Plants, the Crimean Republican Institute of Advanced Pedagogical Education and Retraining, the Crimean Republican Committee for Environmental Protection, the Crimean Republican Committee for Forestry.

International Contacts: the RAS Botanic Institute, Lomonosov Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, and Higher Agricultural School (Warsaw, Poland).