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Faculties and Institutes


The Faculty of Biology


The Department of Biochemistry

  The Head of the Department  
  Svetlana V. KONOSHENKO, Professor, Dr.Sci.Biol.  
  Phone : (0652) 60-80-90
E-mail: konoshenko@tnu.crimea.ua

In 1972 the Department of Biological and Organic Chemistry was organized, and in 1975 the Department of Biochemistry under direction of Dina Alexandrovna Sorkina was formed.


Areas of Research

The basic directions of the Department: studying of structure and functional properties of blood proteins and metabolic processes at various physiological conditions (pathology, physical activities, stress, influence of anthropogenous factors), and in individual typological state of an organism.

Research of molecular structure and functional condition of in phylogenesis and at various conditions of an organism.



  • The Basic Course of Biochemistry. Biochemistry of Blood. Biochemistry of Carbohydrates and lipids. Enzymology. Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution. (S.V. Konoshenko, Professor);
  • Molecular Fundamentals of Heredity. Ecotoxicology. Fundamentals of Immunology. Molecular Biology. Pathological Biochemistry (I.N. Zalevskaya, Associate Professor);
  • General Course of Biochemistry. Biochemistry of Adaptation Reactions. Biochemistry of Vitamins and Hormones (G.V. Pekhimenko, Senior Teacher);
  • Fundamentals of Scientific Researches. Ecological Biochemistry. Structural and Functional Properties of proteins. Biochemical Fundamentals of Regulative Processes. Physical and Chemical Methods in Biochemistry. Structural Organization and Functions of Biomembranes. Bioenergetics. (V.A. Nikolskaya, Associate Professor).