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Structural subdivisions

Employment Assistance Department for Graduates

  Head of the Department  
  MOROZOVA Marina Vladimirovna  

Contact information:
Simferopol, Academician Vernadsky Avenue 4
Tel. (0652) 51-65-97
e-mail: otvtnu@mail.ru


Boysha Nikolay Ivanovich – Senior Specialist
Zarapina Natalia Alekseevna – Specialist
Gerasko Anastasia Aleksandrovna – Specialist

  General information  

The Employment Assistance Department for Graduates deals with employment of graduates of the following specialities:

  • Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Physics, Applied Physics, Radiophysics and Electronics, Computer Networks and Systems
  • Biology, Biophysics, Park and Garden Economy
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry
  • History
  • Philosophy, Political Science, Cultural Studies
  • Geography, Ecology, Environment Protection and Balanced Natural Management, Tourism
  • Russian Language and Literature, Interpretation (Russian Language), Journalism
  • Ukrainian Language and Literature
  • English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Modern Greek and Literature, Interpretation (English Language), Interpretation (German Language), Interpretation (French Language)
  • Turkish Language and Literature, Crimean Tatar Language and Literature, Arabian Language and Literature, Persian Language and Literature
  • Jurisprudence
  • Economic Cybernetics, Finances and Credit, International Economics
  • Management of Organizations, Management of External Economic Activity, Management of Innovation Activity
  • Physical Culture, Human Health
  • Psychology

The Employment Assistance Department for Graduates disposes information on vacancies in all specialities and conducts all the necessary work on issuing diplomas and students’ ID.