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Centre of Computer Technologies


Head of the Center is M.N. Burlay.

The Centre was established in 1970 with the assistance of prominent scholars, including V.N. Kasatkin and Yu.A. Shevliakov. Throughout its existence, the Centre dedicated much effort to the application of modern computer technology into the scientific, methodological  and administrative activities of the University.  

Now the Centre is a major section of the University with 60 specialists, who are highly qualified and have profound knowledge of modern network and information technology.

The Centre consists of five departments: telecommunication, information support and software, computer education, automated management systems, and multimedia technology.

Main areas of activity: computer and multimedia support of studies; development, implementation and support of automated systems and data bases; development and support of a telecommunication system and computer network of the University; development and introduction of multimedia and Internet technology; providing access to Internet information resources.

The Centre has 10 classrooms equipped with computers for practical training. Furthermore, it has 13 specialized classes of various Faculties of the University, Chairs of the University and electronic library. Technical and computer equipment of these classes is linked into one telecommunication university network. Licensed software and various methodological material used for studies are stored on servers. Tests and educational courses allow to monitor knowledge of students of various subjects.

Multimedia projectors, slide projectors, projection screens, CDs, television, video and audio equipment, Internet and other equipment are available in the Centre classrooms. Textbooks, methodological and scientific materials are prepared in a specialized computer room for lecturers, postgraduate students and the university staff. The Centre staff members conduct regular courses for the University faculty members, explaining them how to apply computer technology in their work.

Photo, video, audio and text materials can be processed and recorded in CDs for the use in distance learning and to improve efficiency of lectures and practical lessons. The Centre has a library of multimedia CDs with study and methodological materials for various specialities.

Computer classrooms are used for seminars, conferences, presentations and Olympic competitions of various levels, including international events.

The University develops its computer telecommunication network linking more than 1000 computers located in different departments. High-speed fiber-optic lines are used to transfer large amounts of information. It is planned to accomplish the link of telecommunication net of TNU to the National Ukrainian computer net (URAN) of educational and scientific establishments. High-speed fiber-optic lines of communications would be also used to link to the European Scientific Research Network (GEANT).

The link of the academic library to the common University network provides an easier access for the faculty and students to the electronic catalogue, electronic copies of publications, articles, materials of scientific conferences, electronic journals of foreign publishers, information in various fields of science and education. Together with the library, the Centre is involved in implementation of information and telecommunication technology for automation of library operations.

Telecommunication unit of the Centre is equipped with modern soft and hardware and offers practically all services related to Internet technology. Radio modem equipment and satellite antenna were installed to increase the quality and speed and information transfer.

A specialized Internet classroom makes Internet resources  available to the faculty members and students. Centre servers store study, methodological, scientific, regulatory, legislation, reference and other materials and make them available through the university computer network. Information on Taurida National V.I.Vernadsky University is also available on the Internet.

Automated information systems and other software are being developed. The Centre has developed the following software: Salary, Personnel, Monitoring Decision Implementation, Student, Staff Member, Commercial Tuition fee, Tax inspectorate, Pensioner fund, Scholarship, etc. These types of software are combined into the automated information system of university management.

The Centre co-operates with a number of foundations, programes and charitable organizations which provide assistance to the Centre, helping to pursue its objectives and also actively participates in different projects and contractual-based activities. During the recent years the staff of the Center took part in the fulfillment of 20 projects.
The achievements of the Center of Computer Technologies of Taurida National V.I.Vernadsky University is awarded the silver medal in the field of computerization and informatization of studying process, the golden medal is awarded for the innovative pedagogic methods in studying process at the International Exhibitions of Educational establishments “Modern Education in Ukraine”.