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Korostelina Karina Valentinovna

Crimean Institute of Peace

March 2000- present
Director, Crimean Institute of Peace

  • lead the research and training programs

September 1999- March 2000
Regional Exchange Scholar, Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Centre, Washington, D.C., USA

  • Research the project "The resolution of ethnic conflict in Crimea".
  • Organize the round table "Peace, Conflict and Violence in the Newly Independent States: Borrowing from Western Concepts of Peace Building" (co-sponsored by the Peace Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association)
  • gave a Noon presentation on "Ethnic Relations in Crimea: Finding a New Framework for Understanding Tensions in the Search for Peace" at the Woodrow Wilson Center
  • gave a Brown Bag Lectures and seminars in Georgetown University and at the Institute for Conflict Analyses and Resolution at George Mason University
  • I was given the opportunity to appear 4 times on the Voice of America: twice at free-calling round tables ("Ethnic conflicts in Newly Independent States" and "Ways of peacebuilding in Newly Independent States") and twice at discussion round tables ("Women in peacebuilding" and "Contemporary Ukraine and Russia").

August 1998 - present
Associate Professor National Tavrida Vernadsky University, Simferopol, Ukraine

  • Give lectures in social psychology, psychodiagnostics, psychology of person, active methods of education.
  • Head of studio of Social and Ethnic psychology.
  • Read a course of interethnic relation in the Institute of improvement of professional skills of the executives of the Crimea.

November 1997- present
Adviser non governmental organization "The Centre of ethnosocial researches "

  • Consulted the members of non governmental organizations about the problems of interethnic relation .
  • Conducted some social-psychological researches for Supreme Body and Government of the Crimea.
  • Prepared the some information materials for the members of Mission OSCE and for the Union of the journalists of the Crimea.
  • Leader of some round tables organized by Danish Refugee Council, devoted to problems of tolerance.
  • Worked as a leader of the training in the sessions of the leaders and members of ethnic NGO.

1994- July1998
Assistant Professor Simferopol State University, Simferopol, Ukraine

  • My researches deal with the study of structures of consciousness and cognitive representation of the peoples of Crimea.
Odessa State University. Kandidat of science (Ph.D.), "Typological peculiarity of process of the decision making",1994
Kiev State University. Diploma with honors, Psychologist, 1991
I am a member of "Women in International Security", Peace Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association and International society of political psychology.
Participation in conferences
  • The congress of psychologists of USSR, Moskow, 1990.
  • The congresses and Annual meetings of psychologists of Ukraine, Kiev, 1993,1995, 1998, 1999.
  • Summer School of European Research Center of Migration and Ethnic Relation (ERCOMER) "Immigrant Incorporation in Europe", Lisbon, Portugal, May, 1999.
  • "Dialogue with twelve Conflict Area Experts", Capitol, Washington, USA, October, 1999.
  • "Women Waging Peace", The White House, Washington, USA, October, 1999.
  • Annual International Security Studies Section Conference. Georgetown University, Washington, USA, November, 1999.
  • Gender, conflict and Peace in Comparative Perspective. Harvard University, Boston, USA, December,1999.
  • "Counter Terrorism Strategies for 21st Century: The Russian Lessons". Potomac Institute for policy studies, Arlington, USA, February, 2000.
  • "Problems of education of ethnic minorities", session of Council of Europe, Yalta, Ukraine, April, 2000.
  • "The role of NGOs in local Communities Development" Intrenational serminar, Yalta, April,2000.
  • "The Eastern Europe: toward stable development", Prague, April, 2000.
  1. Research and Writing Initiative of the Program on Global Security and Sustainability of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation individual grant "Socio-Psychological Causes of Ethnic Conflict in Crimea and Development of Methods to Correct stereotypisation"" , March 1998- August 1999.
  2. Soros Foundation, Open Society Institute , Managing Multiethnic Communities Project. Grant for Case Study "National Cultural Societies in Crimea", 1999.
  3. United States Information Agency for Regional Scholar Exchange Program. Fellowship "The resolution of ethnic conflict in Crimea "at Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, D.C., September 1999- March 2000.
  4. United States Institute of Peace . Director of project "School of Peace at National Tavrida Vernadsky University", 2000.
  5. IREX Consortium for Humanities and Social Sciences, Targeted Exchanges Program. "Elaboration of curriculas and research program for peace education in Crimea", 2000.
Teaching: University-level courses
  1. General psychology
  2. Social psychology
  3. Development psychology
  4. Psychology of person
  5. Psychodiagnostic
  6. Active methods of social education.

I have 29 publications, among them - 18 on the topic of ethnic relation:

  1. "Psychodiagnostic of interethnic relations in the Crimea " (methodical elaboration).Simferopol.St.Un.,1998,135p.
  2. "The ethnic peculiarities of perception of student". In: "Psychological and pedagogical aspects of reading in Universities", Simferopol,1999, p27-29
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  14. "Scholars Work to Ease Ethnic Tensions in the Crimea" in Psychology International: Journal of American Psychological Association Office of International Affairs (will be published in the Spring issue).
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