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Kislaya Anna Aleksandrovna

The Department of Philosophy
Date of Birth - 7/ 01/ 54
Sex - female
Citizenship - Ukrainian
Nationality - Ukrainian
  • Russian native
  • Ukrainian native
  • English colloquial
Field of interests
  • Spiritual culture of society
  • Spiritual requirements of a person
  • Problems of a person's creative-life
  • Conflictology Political processes in contemporary society
  • Sociology of ethnic
  • National minorities and national relations in Crimea
  • Political elections and their technologies
1987 - 2000

Assistant professor of the Department of politology and sociology of Tavrida National University.

1998 - 1999

Coordinator of social relations Crimean Association of Koreans Cooperation with Crimean Association of National Communities.

1994 - 1996

Director of the sociological group of Institute of Sociology of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Crimea.

1995 - 1996

Director of the Sociological group of Ukrainian Institute Youth Problems.

1972-1977 - History faculty of Kharkov State University
1984-1987 - Post-graduate course of Institute Philosophy of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
1999 Law faculty of Tavrida National University
Participation in projects
1995 International project "Youth and history" Director of sociology group.
1994 Ukrainian project " Young family" Director of sociological group.
1999 Program of development and integration of Crimea of the United Nations.
  • "Ways of achievement educational effect of studying of ethnic sociology" in the book: " Methodology, Theory and Practices of Sociological Analyze of Contemporary Society". - Kharkow: Kharkow National University,1999.
  • "Political situation in Ukraine: a long crisis" // Ucheny Zapiski of Simferopol State University, 1999, #11(50).
  • "Political portrait of Crimea" in the book: "Problems of Political History of Crimea" - Simferopol, 1996.
  • "The Time of change - spiritual crisis or spiritual renovation" in the book: "Second Crimean chteniya of N.Danilevsky". - Simferopol, 1995.
  • "Conflictologycal view of ethno-synonimic groups relations" in the book: "Actual Problems of Political Psychology". - Kiev, 1994.
  • "Spiritual production in the process of personal creative-life" in the book: " Spiritual Activity and it's specific"/ - Zaporojye, 1993.
  • "Conflictologycal view in context of sociologycal research" in the book 'Actual Problems of Sociology". - Kiev, 1995.
  • "Social responsibility of person as a factor of socialization" in the book: "Politic and Power". - Zaporojye, 1993.
  • "Analysis and prognosis of demographic situation in Crimea" in the book: "Problems of Crimean History". - Simferopol, 1991.
  • "Personal creative-life in structure spiritual requirements" in the book: "Man's Factors in Conditions of Perestroyka" - Donetsk, 1990.
  • "Creative-life and spiritual requirements of a person" in the book: "Spiritual Creation". - Kiev, 1990.
  • "Peculiarities of social direction of process raise of spiritual requirements" in the book: "VII Vsesoyuznoye Philosofical Chteniye of Young Scientists ". - Moscow, 1987
E-mail: kislaya@ccssu.crimea.ua