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Gabriyelyan Oleg Arshavirovich

Chair of Political Science Department
Date of Birth: 27/12/56
Ethnic origin: Armenian
Work Address 4 Vernadsky Avenue, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, 95007
Phone +38-067 653 76 74
+38-0652-51-60-16 (work)
Fax 38-0652- 297 630
E-mail gabroleg@mail.ru



Armenian fluent
Russian fluent
English fluent
Azerbaijanian good
Ukrainian good

Honor of Ukraine in Culture Affairs

Honor of Crimea in Culture Affairs

Council of Ministries of Crimea award

Award of  Crimean Parlament

Lee Brown award of Valdosta State University

Vernadsky award of Taurida National University

Field of expertise

Reforms in Education, Ethnic Studies, methodology and research methods in Political Science, political philosophy, comparative Political Science, philosophy of science, philosophy of history. Project design and management, training in mentioned fields, public relations and intersection cooperation.



University Administration
Support Program - Researcher in Valdosta State University


Professor at Valdosta State University (USA), Brown Fellowship.


Fulbright Scholar in George Mason  University. Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

1999 - present 

Taurida National University, Department of  Political Science, Dean of Faculty of Philosophy.


Government of the Crimean Autonomous Republic, Committee of Nationalities and  former Deported People.
Responsibilities: Coordination of the Governmental Program "Return and Resettlement of Deported People in Crimea". Management of the program budget, including capital construction. Responsible for joint projects and networking with national and ethnic communities. NGOs projects on micro-business support.


Advisory Board of Soros Foundation, Simferopol, Ukraine
Responsibilities:Projects expertise and consultancy in the programs “Civil Society” and “Integration of Formerly Deported Citizens to Ukrainian Community”


International Strategic Planning Group,  Soros Foundation
Responsibilities: Participation in the working group, provision of consultancy and advisory services.
Position: Consultant.


Institute of Philosophy and Law of National Academy of Science, Yerevan, Armenia. 
Responsibilities: Partnership participation in the overall research project on cultural and cross-cultural issues. Publication of researches.
Position: Senior Researcher.


Yerevan State University, Philosophy Department, Armenia
Responsibilities: Supervision of graduate students, lecturer.
Position: Associated Professor (part time).


Institute of Philosophy and Law of National Academy of Science, Armenia.
Responsibilities: Thesis writing and  publication.
Position: Post-Graduate Researcher.


Program Center of Azerbaijan State Polytechnic Institute,  Baku, Azerbaijan Republic.
 Responsibilities: Design of database and statistics analysis software in the area for oil industry. Design of  software for the overall institute management.
Position: Software Engineer.


Ph. D. in Philosophy -1992, Yerevan State University (Armenia)

M.A. in Mathematics - 1974 -1978, Teacher's Training Institute, Mathematics Department (Baku, Azerbaijan)

M.A. in economy - 1995 -1997, Institute of Economy and Constitutional Law (Simferopol, Ukraine)

  1. Noospher’s Conception  of philosophy of history / Ed. By O.A. Gabriyelyan - Simferopol: Edition house «Feniks»», 2008.

  2. National interests: policy of national pragmatism  // National interests of Ukraine Under the general release of  Gabrielyana  O. A. Simferopol:   «Energy  Delta»., 2007.

  3. Bologna  process as  innovative educational technology  //Omsk university journal (Russia), 2006;

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  6. The way of the world // The Review of Politics, Summer, 2005, p.582-584

  7. The Higher education in the epoch of  globalization // Vocation of University. – Kiev, 2005, p. 178-197

  8. Civil Society and Religion. - Simferopol, 2005. (Supported by Goethe-Institute, coauthor);

  9. Public Administration in Democracy. - Simferopol, 2003 (Supported by Eurasia Foundation, in English and Russian languages, coauthor); 

  10. Political Science in Ukraine: State and Perspectves, - Simferopol, Publishing House "Taurida", 2002.  (Supported by International Renaissance Foundation, coauthor);

  11. Conflict: Analysis, management and resolution (Course for Political Science students) – Simferopol, Publishing House “Dolya”, 2002.;

  12. Dialogue of Cultures: Problems of Integration in the Crimean Society.  – Simferopol, Publishing House "Taurida", 2002. (Supported by Goethe - Institute, coauthor);

  13. CD: "Crimean Repatriates”, 2000;

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  16. Political processes in Crimea: the last decade of XX-th century. -  Simferopol, “Amena” Publishing House, 2000;

  17. Crimean Repatriates: Return, Settlement and Adaptation. - Simferopol, "Amena" Publishing House, 1998. (coauthor);

  18. Crimea: Deported Citizens. - Simferopol, "Amena" Publishing House, 1997. (coauthor);

  19. Art of Conflict Resolution. -  Simferopol, "Amena" Publishing House, 1989;

  20. Mathematics as Phenomenon of Culture. -  Yerevan, Academy of Sciences of Armenia, 1989;

  21. Dialectics of Objective and Subjective in Mathematical Cognition. -  Yerevan, Academy of Sciences of Armenia, 1985.

Additional qualifications and training

Seventh international seminar is «Religion and civil society: crises of identity and new calls of postsecular  society»  November, 20-22, 2008, Yalta, Ukraine

The VII international  seminar of «Ethnicity as a power»  May, 15-17, 2008, Yalta, Livadiya Ukraine

Seminar - game "Strategic guiding lines of development of Crimea"
November 17-19, 2006, Sudak, Ukraine

Seminar in the frames of the project ReSet
March 16-20, 2006, Budapest, Hungary,   Open Society Institute

Religion and civil society
September, 2004, Simferopol, Ukraine

Summer School
July, 2003, Budapest, Hungary, Open Society Institute

Workshop on course development
June-July, 2003,Budapest, Hungary

Seminar "Project Management"
February, 2001, Kiev, Ukraine

Seminar "Management of Projects"
2000, Budapest, Hungary, Open Society Institute

Workshop in Case-Study
1999, Yalta, Ukraine

Workshop on Social Support System
1998, Copenhagen, Denmark

Workshop in Mediation
1996, Slavyanogorsk, Ukraine

Program on International Conflict Analysis and Resolution
1995, Cambridge, USA, Harvard University

International Workshop on Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Caucasus Region
1995, Moscow, Russia,    International Alert

International Workshop on Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Caucasus Region
1993, Pyatigorsk, Russia

Computer skills:

High level of computer literacy, including Microsoft Word 95/2000, Windows 95/98/2000, Microsoft Word/Outlook 2000, Internet.

Participation in conferences:
  1. A culture of people of Prichernomorrya is from ancient times to our days November, 26-27, 2008, Simferopol, Ukraine 

  2. Student seminar «Geopolitical aspects of role and place of Crimea in the realization Ukraine’s strategy within the framework  OCHES» October, 31, 2008,Simferopol, Ukraine

  3. Annual scientific conference TNU, April, 23-25, 2008, Simferopol, Ukraine

  4. II international scientific  conference «Crimea in the context of Russian  World», November, 21-23, 2008,  Yalta, Ukraine

  5. II International festival «The Grate Russian word», June, 6-12,  2008, Simferopol, Ukraine

  6. III Scientific - practical conference: "Crimea in the context of Russian World: June 30, 2006, Simferopol,  Foundation of "Moscow - Crimea" society and culture".

  7. International Scientific Symposium: Yalta 1945 - 2005 February 4 - 6, 2005, Yalta.

  8. Annual Fulbright Conference – “The Idea of University”, Kiev, 2005

  9. 3. Society and Government: possibilities of dialogue May 21 - 22, 2004, Simferopol Department of Education and Science of Ukraine.

  10. American association of political scientists, annual meeting August 27 - 31, 2003, Philadelphia, USA.      

  11. From Conflict of Cultures to the Culture of Peace, October 1 - 3, 2003, Partenit (British Council).

  12. International Forum "Local Crimean Cultures and their Role in the Future of Ukraine"

  13. October 3 - 5, 2002, Yalta, (British Council).

  14. Conference dedicated to the Tenth Anniversary of    Fulbright "Ukraine in the Global Context", October 17 - 20, 2002, Kiev  (Fulbright Program).

  15. Development of democracy and democratic education in Ukraine, May, 24-26 2002, Odessa (Canadian-Ukrainian Project “Democratic education”).

  16. AAASS 33rd National Convention. November 15-18 2001, Washington, American Association of Slavic Studies. 

  17. Public meeting "USAID's Strategies for Conflict Prevention, October 17, 2001, Washington, (USAID).

  18. Conference "Minorities and Tolerance in Central and  Eastern Europe and the NIS"

  19. April 24, 2001, Washington,  (Woodrow Wilson International Center).

  20. All-Ukrainian conference “Mega project –High education: Leadership for progress”  February, 2001 Kiev, (International Renaissance Foundation).

  21. Conference “The multiculturalism in education”  Kiev, Ukraine, 2001. (International Renaissance Foundation).

  22. International conference “The rights for education of ethnic minorities”, Yalta, Ukraine, 2000. (Department of Education of European Council).

  23. International Conference on Conflictology,  S.-Petersburg, Russia, 1999, (Soros Foundation).

  24. General Assembly of Soros Foundation, Member of Strategic Working Group Hungary, 1998, (Soros Foundation).

  25. Congress of History and Philosophy of Science. Hamburg, Munich, Germany, 1989            

Participation in the projects:

- University Administration Support Program (IREX), Researcher in Valdosta State University (USA), 2009               

- Project of Cooperation with Valdosta State University (VSU), USA, 2007.

- Conference "National Interests of Ukraine", USA Embassy, Fulbright Program, International Renaissance Foundation, 2007.

- The Program “Crimean World”, Second Stage. "Crimea. Jews. Wisdom Carried on through the Centuries", Private Sponsors, 2006 – 2007.

- The Program “Crimean World”, First Stage. Making of Photo album "Crimea. Armenians. Ten Centuries of Creation", Armenian Society of Crimea, Republican Committee in the field of Nationalities and Deported Citizens, 2006.

- Course "Public Administration: USA and Ukraine", Eurasia Foundation, 2004.   

- Round Table: "Political Science in Ukraine: State and Perspectives", USA Embassy and International Renaissance Foundation, 2003.

- Interregional University Net: New School of    Liberal and Social Arts (Working Meeting), International Renaissance Foundation, 2003.

- Round Table “Dialogue of cultures”, Embassy of Germany, Goethe Institute 2002.

- Summer school “Civil Society and Local Self-government”, Embassy of Netherland, 2002.

- "Cross-cultural adaptation, ethnic history of Crimea, culture of peace", 2002.

- Director of the project “Public Administration Course”, Eurasia Foundation, 2002.

- Director of the project “Creation of the Center of  Soros Foundation, 2001.

- Center for Advanced Research and Teaching in Political Science in Taurida National University” Soros Foundation, 2001.

- Ukrainian Director of the project “Universities as sites of citizenship”, Council of Europe, 2000-2001

- Trainer and editor in the project “School of Peace” – seminars for University teachers and leaders of national communities, publication of the methodological handbook. US Institute of Peace, 2000-2001

- Trainer in the project “Seminar “Tolerance, Civic Activity”, International Renaissance Foundation, 2000

- Director of the project “Seminars-Trainings for the UN Integration and Development Program in Crimea, 2000

- Consultant and facilitator in the project “Round Tables on   the Questions of Social-Political Problems in Crimea”, UN Integration and Development Program in Crimea,    2000.

- Editor in the project “Crimean Armenian Monuments”. CD, International Renaissance Foundation, 2000.

- Head of the consulting group of the conference “Gender Development in Ukraine”, International Renaissance Foundation, 2000.

- Director of the project: “Round table “The Problems of Migration in the Context of Migration Processes in Ukraine”, Simferopol, 1999, The Department of Migration of the Council of Europe/

- Consultant in the project “Creation of the International   Children’s Center “Melevshe”, International Renaissance Foundation, 1999.

- Director of the project “Organization of research in the sphere of ethnic studies on the request of the Republican Committee on nationalities and deported Citizens”, 1998.

- Consultant in the creation of the documentary film “Dialogue of Cultures”, King Budouin Foundation, 1998.

- Consultant in the project “Establishment of the Center of support for citizens and organizations in business management”, Eurasia and Renaissance Foundation, 1997-1998.

- Director of the project “Conflict Resolution and Mediation in Market Economy”,     Eurasia Foundation, 1995-1996. 

- Co-director of the project “Leadership and Negotiations in Market Economy”,  Yerevan, Armenia, National Peace Foundation, USA, 1994-1995.

Other Scientific, Educational and Social Activity:

1. Chairman of Council in Defense of Ph.D. dissertations in Political Science

2. Expert in State Council in Accreditation and Licensing of Ministry of Education.

3. Editor-in-chief “Scientific Papers of Taurida National University. “Political Science"

4. Head of scientific seminar in Political Science Department.

5. Member of Scientific-Methodical Council in Political Science under Department of Education and Science of Ukraine.

6. Member of Public Board under Council of Ministers of Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

7. Adviser of vice-president of Crimean Parliament

8. Consultant of vice-prime-minister of Crimean Council of Ministers

9. President of the Center of Ethno-Social Researches.

10. Chairman of Crimean Armenian Society.